Xanthe Littlemore

Xanthe Littlemore - Death By Information

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1) They don't make pain like they used to, eighty thousand mobile phones

And twenty seven TV stations radiating through my bones

CH) Now it's death by information, watch it on the news

Toxic saturation, Iÿ only went to buy some shoes

Mass manipulation, caught you in the net

You might run, and you might hide, but you will not forget

V2) They don't make confusion like the old days,

When what you had to watch for was thieves

And who might come to the village, and who was going to leave

CH) Now it's death by information, frantic facile ads

Toxic saturation, it'll drive you mad

Mass manipulation, buy this kind of dress

And take this pill if you get I'll and you can't take the stress

V3) They don't make pain like they used to, now they put you on hold

And make you listen to Greensleeves, we're bankrupt if silence is gold

CH) Now baby it's death by information, chewing up your time

Toxic saturation, just like junk mail in my mind

Mass manipulation, we could all be like Stepford Wives

We might think so, but we don't know who's got hold of our lives

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