Xandria - Soulcrusher lyrics

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I know the truth behind you, there is nothing but fear

Hiding behind violence I felt year after year

Searching for someone to pay Darwin's price

Laughter echoes while you savour my cries

I can't forget it - the pain and the dirt that I had to swallow

This is the limit - the soul you rape will once be strong

You never get it - the tears of the past are the hate of tomorrow

Cursed Soulcrusher

There's no escape, everyday is a treadmill of pain

Working so hard for respect, but it all was in vain

No one would help little chaps picked half-dead

It's evolution, the strongest survive

I can't forget it...

There's a refuge for me, but only in my mind

Outside it's raging on, on and on

Abusing for lust, instinct thirst for blood

Hunting day by day - tears will run dry to hate

For the weakest one is hacked till it's done

Till it's falling out of the nest, dead and gone

This sublime system of pure selection

Guarded carefully by the lies unquestioned

It is living on - it is killing on

While the protectors just watch

Do you really wonder when sometimes the revenge is on you?

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