Xandria - Emotional Man lyrics

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My poster on the wall

View my pictures on the magazines you store to have them all

Let me be your guiding light

Be the salt inside the wounds of your most ordinary life

Come closer - what you want is what you see

Desire - but you won't dare talk to me

So pure a lie - a hymn for the emotional man

So clean and shy - get it while you can

And yes, what I am is not what you see

Your interest's somewhere else

Your carnal longings make you all the same

Writing letters, sending mails

Offering me your honest interest in what's inside of me

No sins on your mind, of course

Pretend to intellectualize another wasted girl resource

You tell me - you knew what I need

So sorry - for the hypocrit I feed

So pure a lie...

Just a number in a game - you tell me I had a name

Creation of an industry - and not what you might think to see

Glorify an icon's shrine - whose image of me is not mine

Not to save you from your mess - tell you you may kiss...

So pure a lie...

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