Xandria - Blood On My Hands lyrics

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Silver stars in my black night

Cold as ice but beautiful

Wandering through broken shadows

The river of life is all filled with sins

The water I drink is the blood on my hands

No-one sees how I'm burning

No-one feels this yearning

So come taste this black poison - You never reach this heart

And forgive my obsession - Something tears me apart

From myself

Silver stars...

Waiting for my damnation - your prosecutor's here

In my own accusation - you can't run from yourself

Oh we're living these lies all alone

So come on and throw the stone

Silver stars...

Pray to the gods I have sold in this game of life and let die

Pray for my soul in this world to deliver me from my sins


All that's been and all I see now

Only a ghost of what I called...

Silver stars...

Blood on my hands.

Blood on my hands.

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