X-Wild - Background Story

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Savageland, another time, another world, where under a cold blue sun, the

evil Duke Kron, half brother of the murdered ruler of Savageland, seeks to

deny the rightful heir - Braveheart, his destiny.

Duke Kron cannot do this until he has found and extinguished the mythical

dragon Moroth, who guards the Shield of Darkness (a force for good or evil

to whom whoever posseses it).

The Duke must keep Braveheart from finding the shield. He therefore sets

out to destroy Braveheart and all men of good heart by using his dark

legions of damned souls, all what have been put under the spell of the Blue

Flame, which the Duke keeps burning by the rare ore that is dug by the

slave children in the underground mines. As events unfold Elenor,

Braveheart's daughter, is accidently killed by himself, while trying to

summon mystic forces against the Duke.

Braveheart, swears vengeance! The Duke must be stopped!


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