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* Everybody Dance,

Ooh-wooh-ooh clap your hands,

Clap your hands


Music never lets you down,

Puts a smile on your face,

Any time any place,

Dancing, helps relieve the pain,

Soothes your mind,

Makes you happy again,

Listen to those dancing feet,

Close your eyes, and let it go

But it don't mean a thing,

If it ain't got that swing,

Oh-oh, oh-woh-oh oh

* Repeat (x4)

Spinning, all around the floor,

Just like Rogers and Astaire,

Up all night without a care,

Strutting, to our favourite tune,

The good times, always end too soon,

Everybody's dancing,

Let your feet, have some fun,

Come on everybody get on your feet,

Clap your hands, everybody's screaming

* Repeat (x4)

Music never lets you down (x4)

* Repeat to fade

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