X-RAIDED - Who But Me lyrics

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[X-Raided talking]

Nigga who was the first one screamin' the block

on these records nigga?

Who was the first nigga that brought the town

really nationwide nigga?

Who but me nigga?

[Verse 1]

Draggin' it tellin' it nigga ways, and peepin' the game

Packin' it sellin' it nigga pay, keepin' the change Raided,

Deep in the game crack, sellin' it nigga track

Hit the bell and it hold back on the scene

wid felons greens inhalin' the smoke

Sub-machines full ah violence on foes

in the club shoot beams and walk,

Lookin' for fiends sellin' souls to the cops red,

Died in his shirt hurt, silence is proved dead

I'm a soul to the block nigga that think violence is cute

Chase niggas in hot pursuit, nine's is mute

Silencers screwed on the nose of the barrels

That cry murders youth,

throw holes in devils like po' do

Cause riots and urge my loc if to ghost you

Madman motherfucka we lootin' this mansion

Cause you lyin', rhymin' wid passion but no truth

Bad hands is dealt, like gamblers in Vegas

milk wives and niggas amplifiers invade the,

Scrambler motherfuck it he called yo convo

Red or blue if you cut the wrong one the bomb blow

We roll super thick like fire ants

Troop wid heat like we bought gun stores wid my advance

Who but me?

[Chorus x2: X-Raided (Dott Dogg)]

Who be flashin' (nigga!)

Who be mashin' (nigga!)

Who be smashin' (nigga!)

Who but me? (Madman!)

If you cashin' (nigga!)

If you blastin' (nigga!)

If you thrashin', troop wid me (Madman!)

[Verse 2]

I'm can cannin' it nigga

Been bringin' it nigga

Fuck a lil glocks and bails been bringin' it nigga

Scope loc Dogg crippin' it, slip the clip in it

Catch 'em slippin' on dubs jack, then I'm strippin' it

Hennessey sippin' it, dope sack flippin' it

Call the case I still got, court Dott skippin' it

I ain't new to this nigga, been true to this nigga

Off branch talkin' bout what they gon' do to this nigga

But I ain't feelin' them niggas

So I'm killin' them niggas

Don't you try to tell him now these

pair ah villains fillin' up niggas

Y'all know how I do, and know what I does

Set trip ain't no love, let 'em know what's up cuz

Madman till my casket drop it don't stop

Fuck the haters and the cops

Tell them niggas give you props

And I only got my love for my thugs and bitches

And all I got for enemies is some slugs and stitches


[Verse 3]

You'll get lost in the mix nigga, swallowed in the game

You get the flossin' it slippin' it up wildin' wid the pain

Like Baby Layne, catch you in the mall and stomp ya brain

Cause I want yo chain I'm sick and don't want to change

My niggas is followin' the same groove we,

Stick to the scripts stick to the Crips

All them other fools get dicks to the lips

So I share no blunt, my bitch bought Nikes and boxers

Don't wear no pumps, buy me a glock and report it stolen

Holdin' my chips to the roll of the die

wid the loot like Scrooge Mcduck tuck yo jewels

Or my crew push up the conversatin' choose to buck

Momma waitin' for me to rise,

Motivation to my girl be demise

You hear me nigga be advised I do whatever it takes

Get together wid snakes, go to hell and sit forever and bake

Look in my eyes you can see it if you willin' to try

True indeed no disguise for what I'm feelin' inside

Who but me?


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