X-RAIDED - White Man Burden lyrics

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[First Verse]

My fore fathers was bought and sold, raped and sodomized

Now after eight hundred years you decide to apologize

Apology not accepted, too late for repentin'

Time to ride, homicide to William Clinton

That ass rippin', penetrated with baseball bats

Shoot him up with heroin and get him hooked on crack

Black folks been sufferin' in the United States

These United Snakes got us in divided States

Shell-shocked, Hell's got to be here on Earth

In the ghetto circumstances can't get no worse

Certain chances we takin' to survive, we got no choices

So we rappin' hopin' we can make it happen with our voices

I was too smart for football, too short for hoops

So I rode with the Crips and cliques thick with troops

X-Raided them tricks hated but I don't give a fuck

Uneducated bitches don't realize they stuck

You're oblivious to the fact that your life is hideous

We're holdin' our own and we don't need you to pity us

Plus, we got our own kind holdin' us down

Those who sold their souls, but it'll be cold

When we catch you, I bet you'll receive the death sentence

Turnin' racist generals into pulp non-fiction

Circumcision the "G" way

Murder the D.A.

Hit 'em with hollow slugs, show him no lee-way

[Chorus: x2]

It's too late for apologies fuck your sorrow

Doin' it one day at a time yellin' "Fuck tomorrow!"

In the streets it's crack, guns, and infected bitches

Genocide on the down-low, the White Man's wishes

[Second Verse]

My father figures was Arnold "Schwarzanigga" and Sly Styllone

Puttin' visions of murder in a nigga's dome, early on

I grew up, watchin' Al Pacino and Nino Brown

Tarentino is the one who let me know how to put it down

Television created a gang of niggas like me

We learned how to kill at home watchin' T.V.

It poisoned my mind as a youth

Introduced me to money, mayhem, and murder, I'm the product it produced

Let me loose to prowl, now they sayin' I'm a killer

Cuz European ideology's all about the scrilla

Ain't y'all feelin' the devastation you're causin' the Earth?

Steady exploitin' the milk of this bitch for all that it's worth

When it's ready to blow up, they gone leave this World and go on to Mars

Leave us torn and everybody up will be reachin' for stars

Why my people so caught up in money, cars, and bitches?

Don't you realize, you're fulfillin' the White Man's wishes?


[Third Verse]

Lord forgive for all the blood that his body bled

And all the tears that his Mommy shed

The book says "Thou Shalt Not Kill", but I've seen more blood spill

Than all them vets on Hamburger Hill

It's real post war syndrome

I went to see my homie but his Mama told the homie been gone

And every time I turn around, it's a body on the ground

Fresh gun shot wounds, but he didn't hear a sound

When he came out the womb, nobody told him he would be dead so soon

The gauge went BOOM

It's America, I know you got a cure for AIDS

We need a cure for rage, on the rampage

Can you feel it? The tension's in the air thick

And hate got me so high I'm gettin' airsick

You got my people broke, lookin' for a buck to borrow

Doin' it one day at a time, FUCK TOMORROW!

Fuck your song!

I want revenge! I got a beretta named Vendetta

Time to answer for your sins nigga

And when you meet your creator tell him I said, "I apologize"

But I gotta ride...

[Chorus: repeat til' fade]

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