X-RAIDED - Terrorists lyrics

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(feat. Shaka Loc)

[Shaka Loc]

Blinded, by the way of the Locs, the haters hold to

Extinguish the flames, and blow the roof off with smoke

Whether or not it's West Coast, it's Mad Man fa sho this

Notice the raw talent, technique, but not no hits

Critics crack frowns for holdin' the town down

I'm mad now, just so sick of the same sound

Formed a method and kept it, use it as a weapon against you

Bionic issue, to raise above the role of officials

Chronic fatigue

Flossin' for nil, innate hatin' chromatic emcees

I'm chasin' faces of Satan

Waitin' on Daytons, debatin' whether or not to shoot for the stars

You know who you are, but you can't keep on jabbin' the jaw

I worked too hard, everyone carries a bucket of blood

From the sweat glands of a Mad Man, there ain't no love

So bizarre, drownin' in a lake called "Hate"

Shaka Loc and Nefarious without a debate


Right before I bark like a mastie

With lines harder than mastic

Spit rhymes like bullets, swell up your chest like mastisses

I've mastered this rap scene

Blasted every wack cat I've seen

I've got the best flow, no match for this West Coast rap King

And that's fact, not fabricated

Black Market advocated

With rhymes to substantiate it

It's fine, avidly hated

When I rhyme tragically premeditated raps should be segregated

Wack emcees and emcees with skills should be separated

Debated in Hip-Hop Senate

Empeach all Record label Presidents releasin' as many wack acts as No Limit

No critic is bein' critical of their pitiful releases

I'm Siskel and Ebert, two thumbs down, rippin' you into plentiful pieces

Spit this thesis to the drug pound, flood the mic in a receptacle

On stage, holdin' my testicles, speakin' in tongues like a processional

You're facin' inevitable spectacles steppin' to me

Your mid-section'll be crampin' like it was stretchin'

When a professional wreckin' the beat

Tears second to me, we all for total domination, COMPLETE

Vocal abomination can beat

With niggas like shootouts in the streets

Verbal automatic release at least a hundred rounds per discharge

In hordes, who else you expect to come this hard?

[Chorus x2: X-Raided + Shaka Loc]

[X-Raided] Shaka Loc they playa hatin'

[Shaka Loc] And we's aware of this

[X-Raided] Cuz what we spit is devastatin'

[Shaka Loc] And we's aware of this

[X + Shaka Loc] Beware of this, Shaka Loc and Nefarious we terrorists

[X-Raided] Fake killas be hesitatin'

[Shaka Loc] And we's aware of this

[Shaka Loc]

Dispicable scrutiny, interrogated and major hated

Strapped across a table unable to illustrate it

Certified Mad Man, made man, the script, the blue prints, the big hits

Yearly annual licks

Get my driver to stop it, the Planet must burn first

Shatter Earth with terrorist acts, it's the block or the turf

What makes it worse, is I ain't gotta lay down to hurt you

The verbal tec shells full of virtue (you better feel me)

To kill me, all slowly while we sleepin'

So watch for the heat-seeking scuds while you're creepin'

Been peepin' out the wicked ways on how you be handlin' business, Midget

Done focused in on how to get the digits, and did it

I broke down my heat in pieces

Now chronicalistically speaking, you should have no liking for this thesis

Point blank, the bottom line not to understate this project

Cuz where we at you'z about to wreck

[Chorus x0.5]


We deadly, quick to perpatrate like they want to confrontate

DJ's honor Raided

I serve emcees to get exonerated

It's on to me, that rap that your Mama hated

Cuz I created rhymes about jackin' and comin' after ya

Doin' things that's crime related

I'm related to all killas, all thieves, and G's

Got lyrics in my genes, my Grandma breeds emcees

Like Dogs, say "Sic Him", I hit him, and split him at the seams

Go for the jugular, muggin' ya like a New York City scene

I smother ya like a Mother that doesn't want her kid to inhale

Tortorous abortion, bodily forcin' you into Hell

Snortin' and exhale fire like medieval dragons

We evil Mad Men, for hire we leave people in trash bins

Leap with ferocity, X-Raided will shock all these trash rappers

Leave your track with gashes like it was attacked by velociraptors

I'd be at them platinum ones

Like Old Dirty Bastard I'ma get a Grammy

If I gotta run up in the ceremony with a gat and a gun

Understand me, I make your balls split

I make your dome shiver

Split your throat, with a sliver of my platinum plaque

I slither over tracks like snakes

Deliver raps with no mistakes

I'm a cobra spittin' venom in your face

[Chorus x0.5]

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