X-RAIDED - Take Flight lyrics

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(feat. Dott Dogg)


Y'all muthafuckas wanna go to war?

Nigga we'll give you war

Nigga this Black Market,

Dott Dogg, show these niggas what it's like when we go to war

[First Verse: Dott Dogg & X-Raided]

[Dott Dogg]

You say you ready for war, so I'm about to take flight nigga

Dott Dogg, fuck all y'all I never liked niggas

Break mics quicker than Billy the Kid pulled triggas

Like Canibus I eat emcees til' I'm full nigga

I'm locin' up, leavin' you niggas broken up,

Slit out your tongue, cut your throat, leave ya chokin' up,

You smokin' up a gang of sherm got your brain fried,

Toe to toe, head up nigga we the same size

Flows flow, fed up, tired and you talkin' shit,

Preachin' with your wack style, what else? Talkin' shit,

Lookin' for your wack style against this Blocc shit,

Battle me, get got with, like a glock bitch,

You must be dreamin', nights be wakin' up screamin',

I'm right there, your pall bearers, me, and five demons,

I dare you Devil, test it and get your bubble peeled,

Get sacked like a quarterback fuckin' with Stubblefield


You ever heard revenge?

Me and my nigga Dott Dogg on a murder binge,

Shot 'em all, watch'em fall like we murder men,

We do illegal shit like we never heard of sin,

We ruin people with them fifty caliber Desert eags,

When you see us comin' all y'all baller niggas best to leave,

You best believe it's goin' down and you the next to bleed,

Make some sound and catch some rounds til' that's guaranteed,

We sharin' weed just the flammable shit,

Turn your loc into an animal quick,

Dott Dogg can we handle this shit?

[Dott Dogg]

That's affirmative nigga


So now we shermin' it nigga

Where the black and bloody glove?

[Dott Dogg]

We burnin' it nigga


You better be learnin' it nigga,

Money burnin' it nigga,

And if you ain't on that page, you better be turnin' it nigga,

X-Raided loc, I ain't givin' a fuck about y'all clout,

We're like them chariots to war,

And there are plenty of scouts, we shout

[Chorus: X-Raided & Dott Dogg]

Take flight like stealth bombers in a war zone,

You wanted funk my nigga? So now the war's on,

Late night I'm on a creep for a full chrome,

Red light boom, will drive inside your dome

Take flight like stealth bombers in a war zone,

You wanted funk my nigga? So now the war's on,

Late night I'm on a creep for a full chrome,

Red light boom, will drive inside your dome

[Second Verse: X-Raided & Dott Dogg]

[Dott Dogg]

Fuckin' homegrown, I'm the Northern Cali green leaf,

Split your dome with one hit, now you want peace?

Pit bull, well I can shake til' I good and leave,

Clip full, got hollow tips BITCH swallow this,

I'm sicker than aliens on Mars Attack,

Act gat hollerin' at'cha with whoever got'cha back,

Fact, non-fiction, sendin' my niggas on a rhyme mission,

Your whole house, kids, and your baby Moms missin',

But still all you wanna run up on a murder Man,

Got a reputation for bein' quick to hurt a man,

No hesitatin', premeditatin' some cold shit,

My designation, assassinatin' your whole clique


Yeah, yeah, open up the casket, nigga I ain't dead yet,

Ash to ash, dust to dust, ain't been said yet,

Had Dott Dogg fill the bulletholes stuck on bedrest,

So I left you in the car with your brains on the headrest,

Got that heart, Hannibal heart is all a nigga need,

You doin' 100? You best to pick a quicker speed,

You best to heed, every warning y'all niggas receive,

Cuz in the morning, we comin' for all our enemies,

Picture these, beg and plead for your life,

But for my clip to squeeze, I look you dead in your eyes,

Tell ya "Nigga Please",

Hit your liver then your kidneys,

Got your boxers, full of bloody piss and feces,

Look what it got you fuckin' with these Northern Cali G's,

It's a disease, incurable sickness indeed,

If you sleep I'ma creep, leave that pillow bloody red,

Who got y'all? X-Raided and Dott Dogg then I said:

[Chorus x2]

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