X-RAIDED - Sac-A-Indo (Where I'm From) lyrics

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[Verse 1]

Where I'm from hell ah niggas is bitches

In Southside Sacramento mouth dry cause ah sacs ah the indo

Where jealous niggas get stitches they mouths wide,

When we crack 'em wid pistols and celibate bitches

develop addiction and didn't keep they mouth,

quiet when we fuck 'em and kick 'em, out the telly,

Tell us we trippin' but she just another victim

develop a suckers for crippin' ya heard Gordon Block,

I'ma keep bailin' and flippin' birds till my heart stop

Depart from carlots, and brand new car tops

Observe yo bitch face, observe the big face

Spark glocks to clip hate and nigga like some split ends

Puff herb drunk drive wreck, we switch Benz

Neglect yo bitch kids I, fuck her with them in the room

And damn how pregnant she is I,

fuck her with them in the room, doggystyle

Let's part it slip it in and fuck with the pain

If your, kid is boring starting this is cause I've been

pumpin' his brain,

Dogging 'em out cause in the South we smash

and don't discriminate we sprayin' clips

My house as big as cess pools without sayin' shit

Eliminatin' the hatin' wid torturous behaviour

And only, trustin' my cousins till the Lord come and save us

[Chorus: x2]

When ya down wid me (nigga!)

If ya clown wid me (nigga!)

Nothin' browns only green!

Blow pounds with me (nigga!)

You can ride wid me (nigga!)

Do or die wid me (nigga!)

Whatever town homie gleam!

When you shine with me (nigga!)

[Verse 2]

Where I'm from a gang ah triggers get squeezed

And a gang ah niggas'll bleed

if you motherfuckas get to claimin' you Gs

I'm flamin' you weenies like pussy wid a dangerous disease

Like I'm a clamidia, from the city ah the, bangenest Gs

And it burns like, concrete at a hundred degrees

So fuck with me if you wan' be in monstrous beef

Hamburger Hill my, scrambler serve and cheat

And where I'm from pain is all ah nigga deserve and feel

I bend savvy, niggas think five hundred got me paid

Fantastic!, forty claibre burn ya like colli grade man drastic,

Shit'll get crackin' when I get gat and mask and clips

And leave niggas dead in the street like mad caskets

And I'ma keep creepin' for niggas grills (strike sicc say)

And I'ma keep teachin' niggas to kill like Sensi

I drink Hen straight and look for a jaw law to bend

Misanthropy, raided and Dogg is like all men

Y'all bein' bent under pressure like bad pipes

So I leave ya lookin' like Tony Lopez after a bad fight

Light it up, leave him holy wid no head shot him up

Mop him up, and to be sure we know he dead chop him up


[Verse 3]

Where I'm from all my homies is shinin'

You provoke the wrong loc ended up

'tacked broke lonely and grindin'

Half you niggas ah get smacked wid gats infront ah ya folks

and choked 'til I leave handprints on both sides ah ya throat,

Dime is blindin' y'all niggas like sunrays,

Gun rays, bustin, make your vision green like concussion

Gun spray, wettin' niggas up like a sprinkler

Have your heart flashin' on and off like a blinker

Smashin' it up, opposite direction on the runway

Rushin, in and outta traffin' causin' collisions that crash

and the cops'll get blast wid no discretion,

Shootin' slugs in and outta asses like erections

And take off like jets on the runway

Shootin' thugs wid weapon out and givin' up confections

to the graphics you gon' play, gun play

Teachin' them niggas lessons like classes

And we keep them niggas stressin' guessin'

wonderin' when we catch 'em


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