X-RAIDED - Retaliation (Coming For Me) lyrics

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(feat. Kingpen, C-lim, T-Nutty)


Niggas is coming for me from all directions whole court the streets

Fuck the police we never call protection

I'm right here mothafucker I aint hard to find

Them niggas you came with riding they aint as hard as mine

I heard a bitch nigga say raided needs to die

Wanna see raided dead what's the reason why

Retaliation, Revenge for convictions and murdered ones

I'm in the pen one phone will murder ya son

Your homeboys is bitch-made dont even speak with the ??

Its deuce four six eight rip your teeth out ya face

I walk a daughter cross a nigga never roded up [??]

Selenas valley ride time never folded up

So who da bomb x cazenscy? raided

Una bomb future mind mad man shot caller like juvalon super don

Sin capater capture attack niggas capital punishment

Dumping bodies in Sac Rivers

[Chorus: X-Raided]

Niggas is coming for me

Where can I go what can I do

Niggas is gunning for me

For the shit we did to they crew

And now they hunting for me retaliation on they mind

But I'm waiting for them with dessert eagles and tech-nines [x2]


Niggas is coming for me retaliation for past sexes

Niggas is gunning for me because of ?????

Niggas is hunting for me locating me and black sacks

But aint got nuthing for me stay straped nasty and fat sacks

Get me ?? I know these niggas play for keeps

They wanna catch me slippin by and lay a nigga six feet deep

But peep I'm a savage in these co streets like Jay Joner

So bring the yellow tape and the white cheeks around the corner

These niggas gonners if they call us when the wars on

Return the streets into a warzone full of chrome

Desert eagles moving ? in the reaker about that nigga and his people

Kill em all wont be no sequel because I'm lethal like street nine

Lunatic wit a sick mind like Manson

Empty the clip 187 dancing

Leaving them lethal creeping why you creeping with a mask on

Kick in the door and get my blast on

[Chorus: x2]

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