X-RAIDED - Most Wanted (Who They Wanna Kill) lyrics

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[First Verse]

Once again it's that nigga from the deuce four

Fuck the sicc, it's time to get with this hardcore

It's Sac-Town's most Wanted, X-muthafuckin'-Raided

Nine one six most playa hated

Remember Me? The nigga that brought you Psycho Active

Put Black Market on the map with that psycho rap shit

That was then, and this is now

Don't take it personal nigga I'm bout my business now

I thought y'all muthafuckas knew I can't be stopped

Up in the peneteniary but tapes still drop

Who woulda thought I'd be back? Takin' this shit up to another level

And rehabilitated X-Raided the muthafuckin' rebel

Time to, settle the score like the Fugees

Bitch ass niggas in Sac-Town wanna do me

Back down true V guns, it's my duty to provide thugs

Shit that makes niggas load up their rugers and ride Cuz

Get in your hooptie if you from the four

And show these niggas how we represent Garden Blocc, when it's time to roll

We put it down, killin' bitches in the drama too

Spontaneous, never know what the fuck I'm gonna do

Simulataneously just hittin' spots

With miscellaneous weapons they often tend to be double digit glocks

You muthafuckas shoulda known

You underestimated X-Raided so now it's on nigga


Tell me who them muthafuckas wanna kill the most?

X-Raided loc but they never come close!

Why do muthafuckas wanna slow me?

Cuz I put in major work on their homies


[Second Verse]

I know you niggas thought the Loc was through

X-Raided can't be underestimated I thought you knew

Now I'm back up in your ass with some new shit

I shipped them fake ass niggas and got a new clique

Sac-Town ain't no love lost

But hey y'all, now the X is back to fade y'all

I'm on the cover of Murder Dog with a mean mugg

And I'm at the top of the twenty sack in forty eighty baby

That Northern Cali love

And muthafuck what you thought it was

Extremely wicked niggas call me Nefarious

With a reputation for lyrical decapitation

Reputed to be the hardest in town and it's so disputed

With a flow like fluid

I can do it any way I wanna do it

Hit you with a twist or slow it down and hit some G shit

X-Raided can't be faded, stay in your place

Recognize game when it's in your face


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