X-RAIDED - Macaframa lyrics

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Next song is Macaframa.

Yeah... for yall uneducated ass bitches (fuck you hoes)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, foever hatin on a nigga thats havin thangs

Nigga, these type of situations on lockdown, were da real love at?

Yeah, yeah....

Aint no love for them hoes an I'm knowin

Bitches only jocking X-Raided cause I be flowin

Thats why Im showin ‘em love and affection

In they silky sections my erections

Spitten milky secretions in they directions

When you in they presense, they say you king

But when you aint around they clown like you a peasent

Fuck givin the bitches presents

Diamond rings and things of that nature get you pussy fo sho

That hoell date ya and inflate your ego

But they got you hero zero fo show for all your actions

You went to jail wit no bail an now aint nothin cracking

Bet back when you was free you thought you had a solid female

But now you can't even get a visit an' gotta beg for mail

Movin lika a snail when you tryin to get her to handle somethin

And late at night she got cum drippin out her bellybutton

That good for nothin bitch is useless for a convict

Im nuttin up on hoez, nigga fuck that cum shit

Her cousins on my nuts like a little squirrel

An I wouldve been to mack her if she wasnt a little girl

But about two months from now that little girl gon turn 18

The number one draft pick on my home team

[chorus x2:]

Im that gansta you answer to

When I say bitch jump then thats whatcha do

Im a fast talkin convict, blowin yo mind

Im workin macaframalama even if im in da slamma

It dont take much to keep yo man happy doing eight months

Bbut it aint no contact visits so you cant touch

An county time aint no joke

In Sacramento this shit will have you mental

‘Cause you cant smoke

You be stressed out

Hopin that you get yo case

Three strikes tryin to wipe out my whole race

Now here comes yo wife since you done got your time

Saying that she can't hang; bitch is you out yo mind?

She got everything you own

Vehicle, clothes, even yo home

Not a penny on yo' books cause tha bitch is gone

They send you to the branch then from there

Out to tracy

And one of the homies hooked you up with

This bitch Stacy

Shes white, overweight with bi-focals

But she's sending letters wit money orders through the postal

You dedicated to love an married her quick to hit that ass

On the first conjugal visit she had you cummin hella fast

You lost your pretty bitch but you gained a ugly soldier

Move over bacon, its time fo sizzleen to take over

Cause doing time, it's all about support

An the bitch is to come an let you make her pussy for it, tell em short


Now this is fo the homies that got them Nike wearing hoes

Ponytails in they hair sportin other bitches clothes

Ruggish, thuggish, raggedy like them up at the type that

Wakes up in the mornin put on some sweats an be like fuck it

Nigga dont lie, you know I just detailed yo babys mama

The type of bitch thats even crooked to be to start some drama

Like a comma, puttin pauses in yo sentances

Y'all cant even get along irreconcilable differences

That bitch is famous from so many nameless dicks

that penetrated and she's gameless

That's how you know shes never been with Raided

She's aimless, where is you headed? Bitch is you knowin?

Gettin on my nerves like my bunkie when hes snorin

He needed to leave or get rid of her immediately at this moment

An shake her like Jordan does a basketball opponent

If you ever fall or take a loss

Nigga that bitch is gone an' lookin for another nigga to lean on

She's a forty ounce swigga, weed smoker

Needin to get that shit up

Her beer belly overlapping, needin to do some sit-ups

Shes lazy as can be anll never make no progress

So shake that hoe thats all I can suggest, nigga

X-raided locc

[Dott Dogg:]

Yeah, how do you bitches out there like that? Funky ass hoez!

Good for nothin, runnin out on a motherfucker when times get hard.

Punk ass bitch!

Yeah, Dott Dogg said that, sorry ass beatch! [X-Raided:] (Beatch!)

To all you hoes that fit that description.

(You know why? Cause I'm workin macaframalama

even if I'm in the slamma. Beatch!)

I'm that gansta you answer to

When I say bitch jump then thats whatcha do

Im a fast talkin convict, blowin yo mind

Im workin macaframalama even if I'm in da slamma

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