X-RAIDED - Lord Have Mercy lyrics

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If I gotta burn in fire

Feel the flames

For my loved ones to excel in this game

Then let it burn

Let it burn

As I lay me down to sleep

I pray to the Lord that my soul he keeps

Nobody weeps when a G dies

But like Maya Angelou still we rise

Mama tried to keep me home at night

But despite her attempts

I hung with the macks and the pimps

Sidin' with the Rip's

Not cuz I like blue if you like red

I did it cuz I never did like you

And it said the good die young

I don't recognize myself what have I become?

Can you tell me why am I headed for a dead end?

Why I got another dead friend?

Why they surround me- dead men?

Everywhere I look right and left

Flip another page in the book of life and death

It's comin'- I feel it breathin' down my back

It got me runnin' Grim Reap ain't cuttin' no slack

What can I do where can I go

Lord forgive me for all I did cuz I didn't know

And when my heart beats it's last tick

Somebody sat these three words in my casket:

Lord have mercy


Lord forgive me for all the wrong that I did

All of the pain that I inflicted as a kid

On Judgement Day consider this before you curse me

I was only a child so Lord have mercy

Forgive me for all the wrong that I've done

All of the pain I inflicted when I was young

On Judgement Day consider this before you curse me

I was only a child so Lord have mercy

Should I die before I wake

Don't shed a tear Mama cuz I finally escaped

No more drama no more blood sweat and tears

No more pressure from my peers

and no more fears

I rest in peace- how long will it last

Fore I have to answer for what I did in the past

Illin' - willin' and dealin' cops always after me

I call it survival and you call it misanthropy

But let the record reflect circumstances were suspect

But you couldn't care less- mann

While I struggle to survive

You turned your eyes- plugged your up ears

Ignored my cries

Now Ms. America sayin' we scarin' her

But she can give me Liberty or Death- I'm darin' her

Either one'll set me free- that's all I wanna be

But that aint what y'all wanna see

You'd rather see me killin' up my own in the ghetto

Or sellin' blow to anybody Black, Brown, or Yellow

But forget that- I'm tryin' to get my head right

Even if it mean I gotta get dead tonight

Lord have mercy forgive me


Forgive me for the blood that his body bled

And all the tears that his Mommy shed

Book says 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'

But I done seen more blood spilled

Than the vets on Hamburger Hill- it's real

Post War Syndrome- went to see my homie

But his Mama told me that the homie been gone

Everytime I turn around it be another body on the ground

With fresh gunshot wounds but he didn't hear a sound

When he came out the room

Nobody told him he would be dead so soon

But the gauge went boom Ms. America,

I know you got a cure for AIDS

But we need a cure for Raid who on a rampage

Can you feel it- the tensions in the air thick

Hate got me so high I'm gettin' airsick

Got my people broke lookin for a buck to borrow

Doin it one day at a time fuck your sorrow

Fuck tommorrow I want revenge

I got a Beretta named Vendetta

Time to answer for your sin- man

When you meet your creator- tell him I apologize

But I gotta ride Lord have mercy forgive me...


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