X-RAIDED - Cemetery Full G's lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]

The Cemetary's full of G's, died for the cause

Dead on Arrival, at the hospital, he died in his draws

And a rider falls every day, no more retaliatin'

But best believe we go to war....

[First Verse]

I had a dream that the Lord Almighty snatched my soul

Saw a tombstone with my named etched in gold

Heard my Mama cryin' "Baby don't you leave me this way"

Heard my homies say "Come back and represent EBK!"

So many homies, in a journey, I decided on mine

Nine millimeter slug through his shirt blew out his spine

Coulda beat my thug to the draw, quicker than Jesse

Hollow tips, had the crime scene bloody and messy

Now bless these souls of the infants that died at birth

Never witnessed the sickness that plagues the Earth

For what it's worth, rest in peace to the ones that failed

At least there ain't no stress, unless that ass is in Hell

Unleash grief, on the enemies I put in the grave

To be continued, when I see you, on judgment day

It'll be a venue, when hot shit is all I desire

Even if I get sentenced to burn in eternal fire

So consumed by this rage, I'm predictin' revenge

Got me ridin' for my homies through committin' sins

When will you feel me? Not until we all dead and shit

My headstone read "Nefarious" that's all and that's it


[Second Verse]

The car hit the corner, felt the slug enter my chest

Burnin' like some brimstone initiatin' the process of death

I felt my soul slippin' into that dark abyss

My body lettin' go, bowel movement and then I piss

My soul lifts, closed eyes, lookin' down at the scenery

Thinkin' "Oh no that can't be me with intestines layin' in the street"

Send the sheet, cover me up, stuff me into the body bag and close it

Feel my body bloatin', I feel my body floatin'

I know my enemies gloatin', smokin' blunts and celebratin'

"X-Raided Loc is dead!"

Just maybe either Heaven or Hell is waitin', now my vision's fadin'

Purgatory is my home

My soldiers heard the story, so now it's on nigga

[Chorus x0.5]

[Third Verse]

Now don't you cry for me, FUCK pourin' out your rum

Round up the thugs and watch slugs pourin' out your gun

And it's begun, enemies best to run from dusk til' dawn

Got a vendetta, seekin' revenge like that nigga from spawn

You a pawn and I'm the King, but you the one that's in check

Black roses on your grave, ultimate disrespect

Collected obituary pages for the lives thats ending

Step into the mortuaries daily, so many funerals attended

I never intended to be a thug but destiny drug me in

Grim Reaper already got a grave to plug me in

No way around it, one of these days I'm gonna have to meet the creator

Nobody on Earth is perfect, I hope God ain't a PLAYA HATER

[Chorus x0.5]

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