X-RAIDED - Bitch Killa lyrics

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[Verse 1]

I followed that bitch to her house

She's kind of stupid, walking through the block without a spouse

She's got a hold of her purse with a death grip

But the purse ain't what I want so don't trip

I know she saw me when she started walking faster

I grabbed the glock and I was just about to blast her

But then I stopped because I thought it'd be much better

If the bitch is still alive then the pussy gonna be wetter

So the chase was on, I started running

I said "You'd better stop, cause if you don't I'm gonna be gunning"

She didn't stop so I popped on in her knee

That's when she straight-up hit the motherfucking concrete

I grabbed her legs and threw her in the buck

She said, "Don't be so rough cause I really wanna fuck"

I started digging, my nigga, I was digging

She had a knife and in my back that bitch was digging

I was high so I didn't feel shit

She realized she was fucking with a lunatic

She started screaming "Let me go," loud as fuck

Cause of her hollering I busted me a fat nut

I stood up and started wiping off my shit

And put it in her mouth and said "Suck bitch"

Don't get it twisted it wasn't my dick the bitch was sucking

It was the barrel of my glock that had her head ducking

I took it out and stuck it in her pussy

I pulled the trigger and the nut came thick and mushy

I grabbed my gun and disappeared like Jack the Ripper

Young X-Raided is a real bitch killer

[Chorus x2]

The B the I the T the C the H

The K the I the L the L the A

It's the devil in disguise..

Oh yeah, in disguise

[Verse 2]

It's Halloween and I got a treat

And dressed like the Devil and I'm handing out human meat

And every hoe that rings my bell

I drag them in the house and take them on a trip through Hell

Let's say, for instance, there was this white bitch

I met her before this story but this time she got to die and shit

I drug her in the back room

On her stomach, puppy-style, stuck my dick up in her womb

She wasn't screaming, she was loving this dick

I couldn't nut; the bitch was having too much fun and shit

I stuck my knife in her ass with no Vasoline

I stuck it deeper and deeper and then I heard her scream

I thought the pain from my knife was why she hollering

But she was nutting; by my blade she was not bothered

She busted a nut around my dick that shit got hotter

The bitch's nut was hot like scalding lava

I started screaming, she was laughing like a mother fuck

My dick was burning half to death cause of this slut

She let me go and I ran to my act-right

My hands was bleeding, I was squeezing trigger hella tight

Like twenty shells I let her have it to the face

When smoke cleared there wasn't a motherfucking trace

Where was this bitch? She disappeared like great Houdini

Against the wall was something sicker than zuccini

I blew her up in bits and bits, her face were gone

MY dick was raw and nibbled to the bone

But she dead, her head was like exploded nigga

A close encounter for the motherfucking bitch killer

[Chorus x2]

The B the I the T the C the H

The K the I the L the L the A

It's the devil in disguise..

Oh yeah, in disguise

[Verse 3]

Cruising down Stocking slow, giving hoes crazy stares

They on their stroll, and half of them I put them there

I saw a bitch, kind of young, Chinese and black mix

I roll my window down, "Thirty bucks for this trick?"

She approached the Jeep, "I give you a G if it feels like tight"

She said, "The way you talking I could suck your dick all night"

Then it was on, I took her home, that was like her first mistake

Cause what the ain't gonna give, X-Raided locc gonna take

I took her in my room G

She laid on the bed and said, "Daddy, come and kill me"

Not knowing that's what I had for that ass and get

Like Rick James I'm fixed to torture this bitch and shit

I laid her on her back with them spreaded

I grabbed my razor blade and pussy lips got shredded

She was bleeding like that time of the month

I cut a hole fat enough to stick my fist up in her cunt

Stunt that life span that dope got sliced

Bleeding like a hemophiliac sucking dried ice

I chopped the bitch to bits and bits, yeah

Another victim of the nigga with the sickness

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