X-RAIDED - And He Shall Appear lyrics

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I'm like a full moon in the sky

When you see me

You know it's about to be another crazy night

X-Raided - Loc

Back up in that ass Bitch

If you slipping

That's what your motherfucking ass get

My gun is like my dog

And I be yelling sick 'em

Give me 24 feet

Or be another victim

I ain't got no regard for none of them Busters

I don't need no reason

And ain't nobody coming to save you

Cause it's open season

I squeeze the trigger and feel it kick a little

I'm looking at you in your eyes

While your face is splitting down the middle

Now here's a riddle

Do you got a answer for this

What do they call it when your body stiff...


Niggas pouring out 'Ol-E for thy dead homies

But I ain't pouring out shit

Cause I didn't know him

And ain't no love for him

So while you reminiscing me

And my Niggas is yelling rest in piss bitch

We can take it to the next level

Pick your weapon

Make the grave diggers know to include a shovel

And dig a hole deep enough for you to meet your maker

X-Raided Loc - number one Life Taker

Everybody dies

Ain't no way around it

They search for the fountain of youth

But they never found it

And on that day I die

Ain't nobody going to cry

Everybody wants to go to heaven

But don't know why they want to die

Now they hunting for me like they did Frankenstein

Gang of niggas

Like that Lynch Mob; Pogo sign

They got torches, rope, and ride pumps

I could either be a soldier

Or a quiet punk

But I ain't never been nothing but a Block Banger

Young Rider

Packing me a brain hanger

So don't side

Or it'll be another homocide

I like your glass house

Nigga, get your ass out

About to pass out

And shit your drawls

Cause I got that phat.44 caliber magnum pointed at your jaws

Got my hair in a afro puff

Cause I'm in a rage

I know you feel me baby

We on the same page

The 12-gauge will put you on your back

We'll get along better when you dead

Cause I'm a necropheliak

I'll peel your cap

Until your brain is showing

So I could see what the fuck you was thinking about

Cause evidently you ain't knowing

Can't nobody fuck with Raided

With this slow shit

So I'm going to have to labotimize you with the whole clip

To let you know that I'm the number one life taker

X-Raided seding motherfuckers to meet their maker

Everybody dies

I'm getting vicious late at night

Like Ebeniezer Scrooge

Dead homies coming back to tell me that to do

Paranormal activity

Like on Poltergeist

Or the invasions of the people that came to snatch your life

I can't explain it

And I really don't see no need to

Cause you could feel me if you drunk and off that weed too

Them little voices getting get in my head

Thinking it's time to murder

So if you slipping

When I'm tripping

Then I'm going to have to serve you

I'm sicker than a nigga that spent his youth in Nam (Vietnam)

That's why my psych trying to make me take Synnacuam

But fuck being calm

I'd rather tear up shit

Let everybody know X-Raided Loc is in this bitch

I'm a nigga that you can't handle

And every night I see the frame of death

In the flame of a candle

Telling me to turn the nine on myself

But it ain't enough liquor on the store shelf

To get me drunk enough to contemplate a suicide

You or me

Who would I rather kill

You decide

But keep in mind

I'm the number one life taker


Sending y'all niggas to meet your maker

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