X-Quisite - No Regrets lyrics

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too bad i can't see your face no more

found the letter on the sheets

that read you don't wanna be with me

tears ran down my face

as lonleyness took your place

took away the pain a bit on my tounge

never thought i'd be alone soo young


what you see is what you get

still i have no regrets

what you get is what you see

can't make you wanna be wit me

though i can't get about you yet

still i have no regrets

what you get is what you see

gotta want me for me


everythang's down the stairs

now i found my heart soo scared

realize what this could

all of what has become of me

though you ain't wait for me ta say

you're better of without me anyway

althoughmy brand new life has begun

still i never thought this day would come


lookin out the window i

remember all those lonley nights

they're no longer filled with fear

im doin fine although you CAN'T BE HERE


ha ha....

ha ha....

ha ha....


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