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X-Files Songs In The Key Of X movie - Star Me Kitten lyrics

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Song by William S. Burroughs<br /><br>

"All right. Just something I picked up. A knack of going along <br>

with someone else's song, putting myself into it. It evolved from <br>

Lilly Marlang, Marlang Dietritch, not one of my favorite people but, <br>

that's where it came from." <br>


He's got three for the price of one. <br>

Nothing's free but guaranteed for a lifetime's use. <br>

I've changed the locks <br>

and you can't have one. <br>

You, you know the other two. <br>


The brakes have worn so thin that you could hear; <br>

I hear them screeching through the door from our driveway. <br>

Hey love, look into your glove-box heart. <br>

What is there for me inside? This love is tired. <br>

I've changed the locks. Have I misplaced you? <br>

Have we lost our minds? <br>

Will this never end? <br>

It could depend on your take. <br>


You. Me. We used to be on fire. <br>

If keys are all that stand between, <br>

Can I throw in the ring? <br>

No gasoline. <br>

Just fuck me kitten. <br>

You are wild and I'm in your possession. <br>

Nothing's free so, fuck me kitten. <br>


I'm in your possession. <br>

So, fuck me kitten.<br>


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