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Song by Elvis Costello<br /><br>

She says nobody wants to believe, <br>

you're the same as everyone. <br>

What makes me unique? <br>


My Dark Life. <br>


There was a kink in the world, <br>

sent that statue tumbling, <br>

an invitation east. <br>

So we could watch it all crumbling. <br>


She came on, like a light, <br>

and so softly she spoke. <br>

"You don't, you don't know about, <br>

my dark life". <br>


And you think, you're a guest, <br>

you're a tourist at best. <br>

Peering into the corners of <br>

My dark life. <br>


Now that you tear your dreams, <br>

from consulted ballerinas. <br>

She'll stand on tiptoe for you, <br>

in her gray and tattered tutu. <br>


She stays where she is, <br>

'cause of voyeurs like these, <br>

with an accusative look that says, <br>

"My dark life". <br>


Robber men await you there, <br>

each beguiling alley, <br>

To shake you and to pierce you, <br>

and remind you of, <br>

my dark life. <br>


Into the pie easily, <br>

in their preening finery, <br>

and bang the tambourine. <br>

They're dining on rice paper scenery. <br>


See how the villain attracts, <br>

envious glances from everyone. <br>

She's waitressing by day. <br>

It doesn't bring in much money now. <br>


And the strong concealed arms, <br>

set off bells and alarms, <br>

in the strangest of locations of <br>

my dark life. <br>


But the fantasy slipped, <br>

as he tipped her in cigarettes. <br>

She tries to smile very graciously, <br>

when she wants to kill him. <br>


Now the victory is sweet, <br>

you get down on your knees. <br>

It's the perfect position for <br>

Kissing west and other. <br>


So they came from ugly Texas, <br>

and from nameless Tennessee. <br>

From peculiar Missouri, <br>

and from places closer to me. <br>


All the green of hauntless sinners, <br>

chig the carnival is over. <br>

The remnants of an army bands played <br>

America, the beautiful.<br>


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