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WWF Superstars - X-Pac lyrics

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Think you can tell us what to do?

Think you can tell us what to wear?

you think you better? (Yeaaaaah)

Well you better get ready to bow to the master


Degenerate into something fool

I just got tired, of doin' what you told me to do

But that's the breaks boy (Yeaaaah)

That's the breaks little man

Tell it

X-Pac, puttin' more minds to a stop

Speak my mind,

I keep it rockin' the bottom line

Suck it!

Two tears in a bucket

And then another thing

I'm not the one they'll try their luck with

Hit hard like brass knuckles

See your face through the turnbuckle dude

I got no love for you


Degeneration X

Who's gonna kick you're ass?

Degeneration X

Make some noise!!! (Chorus x2)

Feel good, destroy you and your boys

Mother mother make some noise

That's even if you're paranoid

Blind still

Things fly

Keep it rockin'

Tell someone how it feels

And then you'll know the deal

One of the illest that never half-stepped

I demolish opponents and knock out the ref


I'm gonna kick your ass


What I wanna be

That's what I wanna be

To be someone else

Put it away

Put it away like a book on a shelf that you can't read


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