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WWF Superstars - When I Get You Alone - Lita (Originals) lyrics

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Spoken: Let's go!

All alone in my

bed tonight

I find myself

dreamin' of all the things I might

do to you and

do for me

behind closed doors

where nobody else can see


I know when I get you alone

there's gonna be trouble

Just hope that I don't lose control

I'll have you seein' double

Fantasies and

dangerous dreams

all have my head

spinnin' in a world of schemes

what to do

when it's

up to me

take you places you have never been



I know when I get you

I know when I get you

I know when I get you

I know when I get you....

All of my life

they told me I'm wrong

(Spoken: All my life, they told me I was wrong)

I thought they were right

then you came along

(Spoken: I thought they were right... then you came along)

I finally believe

and now I can see

(Spoken: I finally believe and now I see)

I was right all along

it brought you to me

(Spoken: It brought you to me)




now here comes the part

where you're in trouble

seriously ok?

there's no way around it now




No way around it now..

Bridge (x2)

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