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WWF Superstars - The Rock-Pie lyrics

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mmm mmm mmm mmm

You know, the Rock is gonna tell you a little story,

You ain't gonna believe it,

But he's gonna tell you anyway

It's tough to be The Rock

No, no, no shut your mouth, no no, it really is

Even though The Rock is,

The Rock is the most electrifying man in all of showbiz

You see, when The Rock gets too much,

Too much of the fame and all the bright lights

He likes to kick back and have a slice of that unadulterated delight

Welcome to Rick’s bakery, can I help…Wait a minute, aren’t you the famous Rock?

Yeah, The Rock, the people’s champ in the house, what’s happening Slick?

Oh God dang, how are ya doing, oh, you gotta take a picture before you leave

Woah, woah, woah, The Rock doesn’t wanna take pictures, The Rock just wants a piece of pie, have ya got any of that in this bakery?

Oh, I’ve got every kind of pie you can think of

I got strawberry pie, blueberry pie, apple pie (blueberry, what?)

No no no, woah woah woah,

Actually Slick, it doesn’t matter what type of pie you have

Let the Rock tell you a little story about pie

Driving down south, though quickly aroused

When my car caught a flat near this old farmhouse

I hope somebody’s home, taking a chance at it

Knocked on the door and this fine chick answered

You’re the Rock!

Can I use the phone?

I’m shaking

Sure, if you’ll try some of this pie I’m baking

Daisy Duke shorts on, 5 foot stood,

I said sure, what the heck, I mean it did smell good

So she called Rock in the kitchen towards the vapour

There’s a grandmother, aunt and a Chinese neighbour?

Well the Rock is gonna tell you again,

Kids, it’s tough to be the Rock

Yeah, The Rock knows that might sound crass

Oh, and by the way, all you jabronis in the locker room,

You can all come and kiss The Rock’s ass

‘Cos you know, after the Rock lays the smack down

On some big fat ugly hermaphrodite

The Rock needs a little distraction

And a slice that sounds just right.

The Rock said “Thanks ladies” and more kind words

Grandmother said “be polite, eat mine first”

So I sat down and tried hers, she looked quite glad

Had a strange taste of mold, but it wasn’t so bad

That’s right, The Rock having pie in the country

Devoured hers and aunt’s and still I was hungry

“That's all?” Rock said, bored and reading the papers

Till finally, a plate of the next door neighbour’s

Gulped it down fast, cos it really did please

I mean it tasted so good, Rock was talking Chinese

That good pie

Oh, that’s the pie you was talking about!

Oh yeah, the Rock knows the millions can smell it now

It’s tough to be The Rock,

No, no, no, no it really is

Because you all know the Rock is the most electrifying man in all of showbiz

You see, when The Rock gets too much,

Too much of the fame and all the bright lights

He loves to kick back and have a slice,

No, no, no, no, no, no

The Rock is gonna eat the whole damn pie!

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