WWF Superstars

WWF Superstars - The Game (Triple H Anthology Version) lyrics

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Huh, it?s time to play the game

Put your money on the table, come on!

It?s the one game you?ll never, ever win!

Yeah, my game! Come on! My time!

What ya got? Can?t win!

It?s all about the game, and how you play it

It?s all about control, and how you take it

It?s all about the debt, and how you pay it

It?s all about the pain, and how you make it

I am The Game, (yeah!) you can't play me

I am control, you can't take me

I am the debt,(Hot!) you can?t pay me

I am the pain, and you can?t make me

Here we go

You better exercise caution, be ready to run

Like a scared ass punk from a smokin gun

It?s a deadly game, I make the rules

One step ahead of you moron fools

Think you know what my next move will be?

You dumbass punk, you?ll get strung by me

Don?t ever forget, there?s a price to pay

Cause I am The Game and I came to play!

Yeah, roll the dice

Pop in your cartridge

Yeah, You scared?

Yeah, put your money on the table (You scared?)

You can?t win, you?re not stable, you?re not able

You can?t ? with me

Take the whole pot

Get on this ...

You?re not with me

Yeah, you want test me?

Come on, you can?t best me

*Instumental and speaking till fade*

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