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WWF Superstars - Mavens Song lyrics

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I need to find a way to say the things I need to say

But it's so hard to find the perfect words and perfect time

Through the times I'm just not sure

If I can fake much more and my path has shift turned

I found the words I'm searching for


I don't wanna wait

I just want to bury the memories and carry on with this YEAH!

And if you wonder why, then I'll tell you

I'm tired of things you brought around

And life is much better now

The things that you adore have left you standing wanting more

No one could know cause you

Don't show the side that I've disowned

All the feelings that I've sustained

I've carried far and now I've drained

And once again the blames on you

so turn it around like you always do


So far from it this part of me

I see the summit

From the deep YEAH!


All that remains are feelings you've strained

All I retaain are feelins that you've strained

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