WWF Superstars

WWF Superstars - In Your House Theme (Deadly Game) lyrics

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Roll the dice, play your cards

Break the rules, that's who you are

Whoever said play it safe, never played the game (Never played the game)

So many players, but too many pawns

Too many judges say what's right or wrong

But then jump into the fire if they want to play


Cause it's a deadly game that we play as we live on (Deadly game)

Our lives, whan we say what is all about (Deadly game)

Play it now before the game is over (Ooooohhhhh)

Two simple rules the devil hands us

Make your mistakes but no second chances

Every time that you stand up is another chance to fall


Ha ha ha, wild money, once again easy

Beat one teach one take time to beat some

The young street dumb Money that buys the weak one

Where we're from, cost money to keep some(?)

If not it'll be your lungs you leak from

Repeat none, most addicts you leeched from

Lost into eternal until sleep comes

All the black, holler back no bungs(?)

No pistons, no drugs

Judgement day, calls in all markers

How the hell, it's getting darker

As they carry you away, you wonder what went wrong


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