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WWF Superstars - Can You Dig It-Booker T On Originals lyrics

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Booker T

You can find me center stage, center of attention

Booker T’s here like Vin Diesel's triple x-in',

On the count of three, I want you all to spit it,

One one, two two, three Can You Dig It Sucka!

Five time’s the champ, more the man,

Scuffle with me, uh, not a good plan.

Gotta show the world a better way for the youth,

All eyes on me, cause Booker T’s the truth.

Whatever the state, wherever you at,

Booker put it down man,it's as simple as that.

Booker ain’t hating, ain’t dissin’ a thing,

No more drama in my life, feel the vibe I bring.

Don’t be fooled because he bruised,

Booker T the type to come speak at cha school.

Wherever you at, I talk it like I walk it,

I walk it like I live it,

If you know the words, hit it

Can You Dig It.......Sucka!

ever since Harlem Heat, hard to beat,

WCW Champ, plus four repeats yall,

Wanna get down? You’re gonna lay down

When you lay down, you’re gonna stay down

Wanna know ‘bout my life, it’s an open book

Most can't make it down the road I took

Booker made a change, just like Mase

Now Booker get respect when he come in the place

Man this ain’t about guns and drugs and ill thugs

This is bout makin’ it better for lil’ cuz.

Can You Dig It Sucka, understand the way,

Booker so humble, in this concrete jungle

Right or wrong I rumble, till the wrong tumble,

From giants to midgets, Can yall dig it?

Larger than life, but it’s no movie,

I’m the true master of the spinaroonie,

Can You Dig It Sucka"

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