Wwe - You Ain't Hard(New Age Outlaws theme)

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Ha ha ha ha!


You heard of us..

New Age.. new page..

Ha ha ha.. yeah yeah y'all

New Age Outlaw, opposite Southpaw

Big water balloon balls and barroom brawls

The takedown, ain't nothin fake now

We earthquake towns, prepare for the shakedown

Try your luck - we aim to light it up

A million and one styles multiplied by a buck

Say it loud - pull out and spray the crowd

Wet'cha - only way you leave here is on a stretcher

I won't let'cha, get a hold of Tech

Hold a Tec, squeeze and fold your set

You loaded yet? I'm already bustin let loose

Lose your neck, it's time you get used to Tech

You ain't gettin what you used to get, it's a new day

Kickin the do' down, Y-2-K

Whether you care to see it or care to believe

You'll get with beaten with bats until you paraplegic


You ain't hard, you ain't tough

You little punks don't pump no fear in us -> (repeat 3X)

You ain't hard, you ain't tough

Is you hearin us? You don't pump no fear in us

See me, I ain't never lived a average life

I had the craziest days and the maddest nights

I wake up in a cold sweat, havin these fights

Then toss and turn in my sleep for the rest of the night

Wake up with my dukes on, scrappin again

Cause my life - is just one big fight

I remember when my momma used to say it was simple son

All you really gotta do is watch yo' temper

and stay away from trouble but I always invite it

It seemed like that same day I was fightin

Stressin shoulda figured I ain't had no patience

I stay in some wild physical confrontation

Yeah, that's how I got to ballin on y'all

We hit the bar, Techniec started a brawl

I slammed a man, he left out in ambulance

You heard the sirens, you disturbed by the violence?


You wanna, break the law then make it +Raw+

Jump off the turnbuckle and break your jaw

Bump that Tech, let's crack some heads

Bust some backs, and break us some arms and legs

Shake the Feds, they know Techniec got skill

Hop out the wheel, smash the club to your grill

I'm Outlaw, I been barred from the county

Tech and B-A-D gettin hunted by a bounty

Man I, sell you a dream then throw you a ass-whoopin

You respect it when I check it and tell me that's good lookin

Attack him if he ain't ready and crack him with somethin heavy

He was dizzy when we dipped he thought the 'Llac was a Chevy

Smack out in a cloud of smoke, heart drop

to a slow rate, stars round your head rotate

No wait - let's him with this before we dip out

and await the next time these two young niggaz trip out


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