Wwe - I Hear Voices

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I hear voices in my head<br />

The council me<br />

They understand<br />

They tell me things that I will do<br />

They show me things I'll do to you<br />

They talk to me, they talk to me! <br />

You got your rules and your religion<br />

All designed to keep you safe<br />

But when rules start getting broken<br />

You start questioning your faith<br />

I have a voice that is my savior<br />

Hates to love and loves to hate<br />

I have the voice that has the knowledge<br />

And the power to rule your fate<br />

I hear voices crying<br />

I see heroes dying<br />

I taste the blood that's drying<br />

I feel the tension rising<br />

[Chorus]<br />

All the lawyers are defenseless<br />

All the doctors are disease<br />

And the preachers all are sinners<br />

And the police just take the grease<br />

All you judges you are guilty<br />

All the bosses I will fire<br />

All you bankers will have losses<br />

And politicians are all liars<br />

I see darkness falling<br />

I hear voices calling<br />

I feel justice crawling<br />

I see faïth has fallen! <br />


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