Wwe - Hell Yeah!- Stone Cold

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{*sound of glass shattering*}

[Snoop] Yeah, ha ha, Snoop Dogg

[W.C.] Dub C.. heh, yeah

[Snoop] All up in here, bay-bay.. yeah

[W.C.] Uh-huh

[Snoop] Straight G thang, yeah


Code of the night is droppin these thangs on your dome

Hittin up my enemies, mad doggin em with a heart full of stone

BLAM BLAM! Kickin yo' door down, throwdown, dirty and low down

It's bout to go down, who ready for the showdown?

Which one of y'all wanna be the first to get tossed in the tussle

Buckle, choked up by these muscles and, taste these knuckles

Lost I'm runnin em all, haters I'm gunnin em all

Tricks I done done em all then I ain't go no love for none of y'all

I'm comin through like a Brougham, givin it up with both hands

Slaughterin your whole fam, rippin up the program

Total chaos, deadly as snake eyes, so cain't

none of you bustaz hurt me - fool I'm a G with no mercy

[Snoop Dogg]

When I say, "Hell" - you say, "Yeah"

(c'mon) Hell - yeah (c'mon) hell - YEAH

(c'mon) Hell - YEAH! (everybody c'mon) hell - YEAH!

(everybody-body) Hell - YEAH!

(c'mon, c'mon) Hell - yeah (ha ha)

Chorus: Snoop Dogg

If you down with these hits say HELL YEAH

If you came to get busy say HELL YEAH

If you like what you see say HELL YEAH

If you down with me, say HELL YEAH

If you like what you see say HELL YEAH

If you came to get busy say HELL YEAH

If you down with 'Stone Cold' say HELL YEAH

Party people in the house say HELL YEAH


Gettin my bail on, swell on, far from a rookie

I SPIT in your face and look at ya dare ya to say somethin to me

Temper tantrum, smash random, quick to put you in a casket

The fool that run up is that fool to get his ass kicked

{???} you the ones, it's an open invitation

These ass-kickins I'm dishin they got no discrimination

Patience, long gone, I'ma, chalkin em off

Walkin up bombin on sight cause I'm through talkin to y'all

Hands up loc I'm lit up, fed up, ready to bust, shakin em up

Wettin em up, slangin these knuckles cameras I'm gettin em up

Raised on the turf where we, slay for the turf

And I'm the realest rider to walk the, face of this Earth

Strapped you best to be, ain't no standin next to me

Checkin me, thought I warned you cowards about testin me

Pressin me, see the game of pain, yo I'ma plug it

I'm so rugged -- shhhh, I'm cold blooded



Yeah, y'all know what time it is

Y'all know how it's goin down

No surrender no retreat no takedown

Beanie Mac cookin up the track

That's right, Snoop Dogg and Dub-C ridin in the back

Make sure y'all know what time it is

Huh huh, yeah, we gon' make this happen

for everybody out there, the heat bangers, and headbangers

Check this out - what's crackin homey?



All up in this be-i-itch!

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