Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Wise Men

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<i>[RZA]</i><br />

Christians say that you can study all day<br />

pray all day, and chant all day<br />

But you get to heaven faster<br />

if you hang with the wise men<br />

Yeah I would say once you got inspired spark<br />

Y'know, you strive, to, y'know<br />

You gotta put, y'know you gotta keep puttin wood on it as they say<br />

Right? Keep it burnin or whatever<br />

You gotta find a way to keep it burnin<br />

But then there's the optimum side of it<br />

That's the burnin fire that's burnin but it don't burn<br />

Knahmean? Just in life, like the sun<br />

You know the sun is seen, like that<br />

But it's like a eternal sun that<br />

that it is on regardless, you just on<br />

You just free from, y'know<br />

Shit don't work on you no more<br />

The story of the villain



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