Wu-tang Clan


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Shit, sometimes man I just,

get stressed out I be like damn yo,

I wanna go over here and smack a nigga up

you know what I'm sayin'

Crime Syndicate shit though niggaz know us

Know what I'm saying my peeps put me on

For real ... shit's fucked up yo

You know what I'm saying religion's all good

But where was heaven? Yo

Verse 1:

An ordinary cat from outta projects

Since I was younger though

Mom raised her children

Pops dipped a long time ago

In my mind I see flashbacks

I had no fancy clothes

Skinny, ugly, notty head nigga crying with a snotty nose

Even though my father neglect he pay the child support

Hadn't seen him all these years

I hug his ass in court

Always saying I'm coming to get you and I be waiting to

Holiday and birthday presents was never coming through

'Member at the age 13 I started smoking weed

Hangin' out wid cats that was older start to run the street

Dropped outta high school selling drugs, impressing chics

Spent most my cheddar on gear

My man was buying whips

New York, Jamaican, Miami niggaz

Flooded Virginia quick

Cause signing work only if buying

pressure was high as shit

'Member when I first got hit

I seen the iron spit

50 cash bend in one corner bleeding where pellet hit

My man Shawnny Hill doing strong

Slug burnt through his lower back side

Cracked his spine exit his arm

Lost him twice on the hospital table

And when he died I cried my eyes out

I couldn't take it (damn damn)

But the same things continued to happen

Niggaz got bust

I'm a kid with a grown man's mind turning corrupt

Playing innocent infront of my elders

I was running with them cats that be robbing to awkward (man tell 'em)

If my name was up in any type trouble

My moms would tell me

Just like you brothers into some shit go get a job or something

Just a little bum on the street

Not working hard for nottin'

Scratch I made whenever pumping

I'm here to offer something

Making sure the crib stay tight

For real I weren't no dummy

Simmy where you gettin' this money

I wash a car be lying

Saying anything 'sides drugs selling

My sister seen me on the block

Transact with fiends saying I'ma tell it

Growing up was hell no doubt

I wonder where was heaven

(women singing in the background)

For real though,

Always look for that place call heaven,

It's never there,

I seen my man's an' 'em gets.. just get blasted

on the block,

Know what I'm saying?

I go in the crib I got stains all over my shirt

Know what I'm saying?

And my mom's knew the type of shit I was going through

Cause I was a project kid

Verse 2:

Now I'm a grown man

Still It's like life dealt me the wrong hand

Cat's that was my man be frontin'

Or either found dead

Sound said incarcerated just turned a new dad

Remembering them long ten months from slengin'crack bags

Mom put me out with the quickness

Carry your black ass

I'm still coming back to the crib

Oh so you back here

Ma I jut came to holler to see how you doing

Nothing's changed after all these years

Still hustle for some gear

Smoke weed, still drink beers

I tell you from my heart

Yo, times I'm like yeah

(women start singing again)

I wonder if heaven has a place on this planet

I'd find it right there.

Just a kid though,

All I wanna roll wid

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