Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Unpredictable

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Plush whips and rollies, ice chains and stogies

No bitch could hold me, in this Thug World

I hold it with the bolo grip, solo control the strip

Behold, P.L.O. the click, man, it's over with

So quick, notice how we bang with the knuckles bare

Wu-Tang, keep it fresh like tupper ware

The Jungle, Animal House, gat in your mouth

Polly with the wild life, cannibal out

Give this five course meal in effect, reel to reel or cassette

Or with the mask on, peelin' the tech

Killah Hill, man, you feelin' my set, feelin' my rep

Annamette with the top down, wheelin' the 'Vette

Scoop me downtown, cop the brown and back to the bids

Twist a blunt in front of Jake and still mash on the strip

Face sick with the rap shit, stacking them chips

In the pits, stick shit, cats packing them grips

Bad bitch with the black six, after my dick

She like, this your pussy, and she smash my click

Not a fake, not a fraud, see my name on the wall

Niggaz straight, like an inmate, try'nna make the board

Snake waiting, dudes came for sure, I lay law

Stay raw, cause a 'massacre' with no 'chainsaw'

Half y'all talk about it, but you don't want war

See my wolves eat the bones and we still want more

We be foaming at the mouth, even, I doubt we leave without eating

So without reason, pounds are squeezing

The lifestyle of fiends and beans, big dreams and CREAM

Bitches ride like the Scream Machine

For a taste of it, the chick strip, clean out the jeans

Next thing she was smuggling coke between the seams

If real niggaz is listening, the life we living in, is wrong

(Witty Wu-Tang is unpredictable, Witty Wu-Tang is unpredictable)

Back for transitions, to save us from harm

We in the race for time... so we won't lose our mind

But if we run the race like a thug

We would lose that mind that we made of

You kept the weapon concealed like a magician's secret dollar bill

Liable to pull a knife from out of his heal

Snatch the sword from the rock with one hand

One finger, bzzz, turn ya body to sand

You'll be hoping you'd be Spidey, to get away from this

You be hoping you be whitey when the judge get pissed

One man, can't uplift the land

Like Method Man standing on the hands of fans

See the Captain and Lieutenants, true descendant

Splendid, unprecidented, hip hop vintage

Started from the park benches, before the NARCs could snitch us

He was God Cypher Divine, trying to spark the wizzes

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