Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - THE LEGACY

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* - incorrectly billed as an A.I.G. track

[Timbo King]

The Legacy, get your minds ready, get your rhymes ready

And held a breath of life, resurrect the death of Christ

What you got to sacrifice, I'm on some other shit

Takeover the mothership, brothers get to claim the covenant

Universal lovin it, olive oil you rubbin it

Check the thermometer, ever kilometer

Rise by heat pressure, your thermostat couldn't measure

Royal Familia, atoms bombs from Asquilia

Dark Ages, so read the page, Mike and Alenki

Born on the cross between love and lust

Genisis thru exeuse, larzurus, slash black barnibus

The holy temple be the mental, You and see Islamic

Can you understand the clear picture


Braveheart, verbal courage, battle the seminar

Royal Fam Legacy, watch us travel far

Positive energy, always corrects errors, Royal Fam rule shit

Now and forever, what

[Timbo King]

Orotorical, niggaz is metaphorical

My editorial breaks down your monuments historical

Geologist studyin land, usin the earth's crust

Measurements, eight elements, atomic weight plus density

Hi-Techs, science, thrustal gravity

Revolve around my oro, I'm the soul that keeps spinnin, what

Supernova, black quasar, my mental radar picks up

Frequencies beyond the earth's equator

Forver glow, electro, magnetic force field

Thoughts build, we bomb for real, Royal Fam still exists

Golden fist, your caught up in the devil's mist

Fire war, royal sire laws, reveal this

Protons, electrons, atoms cause explosions

My center of atraction, I'm the nucleus, you're frozen

My square be complete, architectual, visual

The sound spectrum strikes the mental then the physical

My perimeter damns your diameter

Bar codes are scanned from America to Canada

What, from America to Canada

Get your mind ready



Get your minds ready, Get your minds ready, Royal Fam Legacy

What, get your minds ready, get your rhymes ready

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