Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - TEARZ

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Chorus: (sampled)

After laughter, comes tears

Verse One: The RZA

Yo check yo yo, check the script

Me and the gods get it ripped

Blunts in the dip, forty dogs in my lip

Had a box, 'Boom Boom' the bass will blast

We was laughing, at all the girls that passed

Conversation, brothers had begin to discuss

(Hey yo, Ra, remember that kid ya bust?)

Aw yeah, he ran, but he didn't get far

Cause I dropped him, heh heh heh heh heh HA

Not knowin, exactly what lied ahead

My little brother, my mother sent him out for bread

Get the Wonder, it's a hot day in the summer

Didn't expect, to come across, a crazy gunner

"Hey Shorty, check it for the bag and the dough"

But he was brave, looked him in the eye, and said "No!!"

Money splattered him, BOW! then he snatched the bag

In his pockets, then he jetted up the Ave.

Girls screamin, the noise up and down the block

(Hey, Rakeem!) What? (Your little brother got shot!)

I ran frantically, then I dropped down to his feet

I saw the blood, all over, the hot concrete

I picked him up, then I held him by his head

His eyes shut, that's when I knew he was...

Aw man! How do I say goodbye?

It's alway the good ones who have to die

Memories in the corner of my mind

Flashbacks, I was laughin all the time

I taught him, all about the bees and birds

But I wish I had a chance to sing these three words


Verse Two: Ghostface Killer

Me and my man, my ace big Moe from the shelter

Bout to hit the skins, from this girl named Thelma

Now Thelma had a rep, that was higher than her neck

Every girl from Shaolin dissed her respect

We was stimmy, you know how it is when you're blitzed

Three o'clock in the morning, something gots to give

Moe said he'll go first, I said I'll take next

Here, take this raincoat, and practice safe sex

He seemed to ignore, I said be for real

She's not even worth it, to go raw deal

A man's gonna do what a man's gonna do

He got butt-naked and stuck the power U

Twenty minutes went by, my man went out, without a doubt

I'm not pumpin' up, I am, airin out

Hey yo, he came out laughing with glory

I'm surprised, he's still livin', to tell his story

But he carried on, with the same old stuff

with Stephanie, like a whammy, he pressed his luck

Both tried to be down with O.P.P.

Ain't nuttin' wrong but he got caught with the H.I.V. now

No life to live, doc says two more years

So after the laughter, I guess comes the tears

<Chorus X2>

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