Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Sound The Horns

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. Sadat X)</B></FONT><BR><BR>

<i>[Intro: Inspectah Deck]</i><br>

Yeah, yeah...<br>

Yeah, yeah...<br>

Let's go...<br>

Yeah, listen...<br>


<i>[Inspectah Deck]</i><br>

The sound of the horns says it's on<br>

We storm through like C. Thomas, Red Dawn<br>

Step like a don through the city, Deck bonds<br>

I get my hands dirty, Nikes scuffed, sweat pouring<br>

Still I stay fresh with the fly white linen<br>

Duece times 5, that's my type women<br>

Sonny, I live it, O-10, S5 tinted<br>

Brother Deck, what I rep, S.I., dig it?<br>

Fifty cal' flow, get low<br>

Intro to outro, bout it tho, whoa<br>

Steady, heavy like the 5-2 Chevy<br>

Niggas ain't ready, I turn out your lights like Teddy<br>

Roll like dice in the casino<br>

Known to spit lava, Heat like DeNiro and Pacino<br>

Manny Festo, Wu-Tang Gambino<br>

Lay it down, then I fly off like the hero<br>





<i>[Sadat X]</i><br>

The Wild Cowboy number one<br>

G-O-D, how you gonna block out the son?<br>

Read my jacket, my achievements stretch like a warning track catch<br>

The in-crazable voice box, I throw you boys rocks<br>

Diamonds and jewels, a holiday, pros that fuck in schools<br>

I'm a tank, I stop panthers, take down stanzas<br>

Sixteen bars, keep the car running<br>

Broads stunting, feed ya self, kill ya self, take the pill<br>

Punks jump up to get beat down<br>

New York the sweet town I sorta, who's on tour?<br>

Who the vile, truth can say, you ain't a slouch<br>

Now Rule local, now I'm B.K. vocal<br>

Right out the X, you can work out your pecs and your back<br>

Can beat the death with bats, need to tune up, NJ'll turn the tune up<br>

I'mma tell you who's soon enough to got<br>

And I ain't down with getting crossed, and I never been the boss<br>





Yo, you're hog-tied, I'm roping them, bitches, I'm gropping them<br>

Open up your veins, cop three bags of Dopium<br>

Super soak these niggas, stroke with the magnum force<br>

Leak it in the streets quick, peep my secret sauce<br>

I keep it gloss, I'm suited up for my franchise<br>

Your coins is tossed, man-handle bad guys<br>

Scramble for my damn prize, crack cans of cold Guinness<br>

I'm like Seabiscuit, I'mma win by a photo finish<br>

Nigga, this ain't tennis, yeah, I ain't bluffing shit<br>

I be the street menace on my David Ruffin shit<br>

Police ain't cuffing shit, claiming I'm a crook<br>

Throw up my middle finger, I'm a hall of famer in my book<br>

Right hook, death jooks, great with my footwork<br>

Bubble through, got the W on my hood shirt<br>

Sneak through the wood works like poisonous high fumes<br>

I'm that superhero with the brand new costume<br>








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