Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Rivers Of Blood

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[Verse 1: Raekwon]

[Ay yo, ay yo] Machete still stainless

The archbishop run from the Knox

A Chris biscuit plus play the heart, risk glisten

Goon captain, catch me in Africa black down with 4 5 Somalians

Black Tims, rubber suit Wonderwoman, bangers a blue coupe

I’m usually upon the roof countin’ mad loot

Root beer reefer, teeth(?) frame, doin’ my 1, 2

Smokin’ with a plain Jane Super(?)

Excellent with rifles, out in Japan

In a flight goons switchblade poke out the night booths(?)

Thrusted on a bullet train with chains on, gettin’ my train on

Thunder money, make bread, brainstorm

All this is made for the Forbes list

Broads get pissed, say “Yo he fucked me out his drawers he dissed me”

All this is calculated, the Batman with a black hand

Mafia money, killas who rock tans(?)

[Hook: U-God]

Bone crushing, smooth kicks, blades choppin’, move(?) bricks

Masters of the weaponry, sell to both cliques

Blacksmith, with the iron fist


[Verse 2: Ghostface Killah]

Rigamortus, I watch the body rot to the bone structure

Scrape out your brain, watch your eyeballs rupture

Black magic, leave your fuckin’ skull in a soup pot(?)

Makaveli, Vamoose like 2pac

Suicidal tendencies, down to white Hennessy

Look in the book, I’m the definition of menace b

Chokin’ niggas out for no reason, it’s duck season

I’m cold as ice, 6 degrees below freezing

Stay dipped, rock a striped shirt like Freddy Kreuger

You’se a baby piranha surrounded by barracudas

Seven thirty, I’m more like 6 o’ clock

Straight up and down beatin’ up niggas till they blood in they socks

Ox em, duff em’, stuff ‘em in black bags

Without gettin’ no blood on my fresh rags

Ruthless, heart of a stone, grown with no emotions

I piss out brewhas, poisonous potion


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