Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Radiant Jewels

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. Cormega, Sean Price)</B></FONT><BR><BR>

<i>[Intro: Raekwon]</i><br>

Chef... let's do it...<br>



Criminal kingpins, gangstas and cheap friends<br>

Actors, vixens, niggas put your kicks in<br>

Blood money when we hawking, ackward gun that go around curves<br>

Bullets braze niggas with coffin, yo<br>

Watch how to rhyme with hammers, I got two mens<br>

That don't speak English, shooting game's bananas<br>

Down in Spain, my bangles, clusty, checking my swings<br>

Trillians on, yo, cuffing my jeans<br>

Broad day, yo, body another, my microphone is like<br>

Blow 'caine, one, pull the trees, you love us, yo<br>

So killers be cool, pimps, read rules<br>

When a grown man is rapping, it's Ill Street Blues<br>

Striving, nigga, with one side<br>

Don't go against totally rent shit, nigga, baby gonna die<br>

Yeah, bank robbers armored up, gear like the boys in Heat<br>

DeNiro told one soul to keep quiet<br>


<i>[Interlude: Cormega]</i><br>

Aiyo, word to mother<br>

Ya'll niggas better bring ya selfs son, word<br>



When Pun was packing a mack in back of the Acura<br>

I was dealing in them buildings, it wasn't no cameras<br>

The witness savages, snitching was hazardous, now it isin't<br>

Shit is embarrasing, fuck a flow, this is a lyrical aquaduct<br>

Sink or swim for what I'm hearing you bagging up<br>

Lyte like the MC, I'm 'paper thin', you tripping<br>

I'm taking trips, your eyes don't lie, take a glimpse<br>

Into my life, you see me blazing clips, with the green to make it rich<br>

With a team that'll scrape the Knicks, and a v that's crazy quick<br>

I came to wear my Yankee fitted, represent for greatness<br>

It's lyrical elevation, causing mental stimulation<br>

If I'm getting too deep, I give you a minute to take in<br>

My jewels radiant, like a view of the Caymans<br>

And thinking you seeing me, who you playing with?<br>

Cor, Mega, raw forever<br>

Fell back, pause, fell off? Never<br>


<i>[Interlude: Sean Price]</i><br>

P! Shaolin, what up?<br>


<i>[Sean Price]</i><br>

Aiyo, listen giraffe neck niggas, I blast techs<br>

Alejandro, came through with the Mexican Aztecs<br>

Rap smack niggas on a whole different aspect<br>

Homey, owe me dough, that's how we fucked up his last check<br>

Three train Saratoga, train stop, nigga been<br>

Metro part with the plan, make major figures<br>

Foul flagrant, two shots, give me the ball back<br>

You got shot, get off my ball sack<br>

You not hot, give me a call back, niggas is all wack<br>

Super doopa stupid, get drugs and I fall back<br>

P, ain't a problem that the God can't handle<br>

I set it off First Blood, Sean John Rambo<br>

Whoooo, as you can see, I'm focused<br>

Boot Camp for life, fuck the G.I. Joe shit<br>

Boot Camp is an Army, better yet a Navy<br>

Marine Air Force Ones, nigga, the shit's crazy, don't play me<br>



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