Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - IN THE HOOD

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"The story you are about to see, occured along the main training root, on the border

between the north and south. On a small outpost called Red Crane Village."


What the fuck y'all niggas thought, huh

What you thinkin' bitch

Are you stupid son, must be stupid kid

What the fuck is wrong, it's the Wu bitch

Ain't got a clue bitch, tie ya shoe bitch

Get the fuck back, before we break a f... listen

Tryin' to tell y'all niggas, give ya a fair warnin'

Just a chance to live, to see ya kids

Yo son naw, before I split ya wig

I'd rather feed you this, but you ain't wanna eat

So now you got to FEEL IT!!

-Beat Changes-

(RZA Talking)

Let me fuck it one more time for y'all

I'ma fuck

You know how we do it in the hood

Yo, yea, turn the mic up

[Verse One]

Y'all niggas better rock y'all hoodies

Take money snatch jewelry, in the hood

Find the best woman lookin' good

Ya diamonds need polishin'

In my hood, all the gunshots leave at the same time

We gotta stop killin' our people

Keep it in the hood

Niggas walk with they gun, keep it in the hood

Thats where we come from

I rep Brooklyn, home of the gangsta

I know a few murderer drug dealer, in the hood

We speak mathematics and build

Whats a total way of the brain, a law real

Slang jacks and hold gats, in the hood


Get my dick sucked on the roof of the projects

Dice game in the park, blood senses up the dark

Movin' with the Wesson

Welcome to the ? we bill and drop a lesson

Pussy hoe testin', in the hood

Got the word from the hood rat

Shorty on the wood

[Inspectah Deck]

Ay yo, we boys in the hood

Big bad wolves in the hood

It ain't all good, pass the goods

Deep in the project halls waitin' to shine

Walk with a nine and chill with gang signs

In the hood, niggas put twenty on Hoopties

Four heads, one 40 OZ and a Lucy

And keep dough on the flip

A hoe on the strip

And roll dick throw on the flip

Weed clouds thick enough they could block the sun

Cops come, but thugs never drop the gun


Far from ya Hollywood

From day one, I vowed I would keep in in the hood

Project chicks with hits and slim waists

For five dollar plates apartment Six-Eights

O.G, I spit G to the young ones

I keep it in the hood thats where I come from

[Street Life]

This is the place where thugs is born, in the hood

Blink to long ya light is gone, in the hood

Convicts still live with they mom

And they whole family tree is tattooed on they arm

In the hood, crack fiend'd furnish a 'Lac

In the hood, African's be drivin' past

In the hood, in the streets the ghetto is hot

And the illest gangstas, on the block with cops

In the hood, the ones you love'll fill you with slugs

In the hood, babies born addicted to drugs

In the hood, we make life or death decisions

And the school system is like a minimal prison

So you can't knock the hustle or the life that I'm livin'

In the hood, it ain't all good ?

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