Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Ill Figures

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. Kool G. Rap, M.O.P.)</B></FONT><BR><BR>

<i>[Intro: Raekwon]</i><br>

When I write my lyrics, it's like, it's like<br>

I want my shit to be phat, I want people to be able to understand<br>

Yo, Anybody can rhyme, youknowhatimsaying<br>

But it's what you saying that makes a person know about you<br>

Knowhatimsaying, you know the type of person you is<br>

So it's like really, I'm just more of just<br>

Being a street narrator (aiyo, what up, famo?)<br>



Reefer lit, love hip hop, the gangstas got me like the broccoli<br>

Brooklyn baby cooling at a swat meet<br>

Real niggas wanna meet me, ladies wanna eat me<br>

Money clean Mercedes claim, baby, beat me<br>

Love getting dressed up, sweats and techs<br>

Ride around the hood, good, getting Gotti respect<br>

Hand is golden, an OG rolling and holding, yo<br>

Fresh kicks, soft leather, pockets is swollen<br>

Let my jam hit your tape deck, it's straight up, and made up<br>

For every real nigga with his gun on him, hate up<br>

Flying through the city nights, new flights<br>

Blue ice, hundred thousand in a Nike bag, license<br>

Drug shop, I'm sorry, Atari in the Ferrari<br>

Next see the Lex A Shallah, La Tam'pa<br>

Eating yo, all of us, scamma gangstas<br>

You know we honor, tip the kangol, cooling in the brown vengos<br>


<i>[kung fu sample]</i><br>

I have never, giving up on a mission<br>

That's against my honor<br>


<i>[Lil' Fame]</i><br>

Duke let me warn you, my niggas crip up<br>

Them young boys'll run up on you, shoot your whip up<br>

Brooklyn, nigga, beg for you life<br>

And my Staten Island homeys lay your ass down on Glaciers of Ice<br>

Sidewalk executives, live the street life consecutive<br>

We built for this, go for your gun<br>

My prospective is, another day in the life, of money and drugs<br>

Big hammers and slugs, can get ugly as fuck<br>


<i>[Billy Danze]</i><br>

From the chest to your man Danze, ey<br>

Staten Island, said what up, yo, ey<br>

The homey ODB said what up, though, ey<br>

We got the Chef on deck as if you didn't know<br>

It's sharp as fuck, Wu, that's what up<br>

Pack it up, wanna rap, wanna rock, what up?<br>

Wanna pop, get up, fuck around and get your block hit up<br>

Bring your team and we'll box 'em up<br>

Think M.O.P. is not what up<br>


<i>[kung fu sample]</i><br>

It seems I'm a bit late here<br>

Don't worry, these men are all gonna die<br>


<i>[Kool G. Rap]</i><br>

See from the side where it slum at, dum at, rum at<br>

Cognac, combat, contact, contrast<br>

Crom's packing out like Beyonce back<br>

She bang out a song like the Fonz back<br>

Bigger things, bring the slangs, slicker than the sharpest pen<br>

Nigga here, combat, sweet dick Willie T, Rudy Ray Moore game<br>

Woodgrain all in the board reigns, before rain flooded<br>

Like storm drains, boss man, bundling raw 'caine<br>

Fours bang, neighborhood war games<br>

Get your weight up, you looking anarexic<br>

Posted on the block proper with the hammer vested<br>

Bitch came with empty hands, that's the hand she left with<br>

Thirsty ass with the water and it sounded desperate<br>

Break a white an hour, based it forty grand invested<br>

Live within the third rail, you know the man electric<br>

Shit was like the third world, until I handle metrics, that next shit<br>



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