Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - I Wish You Were Here

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. Tre Williams)</B></FONT><BR><BR>

<i>[Ghostface Killah]</i><br>

This was my favorite girl for years, she knows the way I perform<br>

Sometimes I pull my boxers down, ya'll, with one Timb on<br>

It be times, you know I stay away when her friends on<br>

For some reason, she be really hot, when her friends gone<br>

That's when I slide on over with a Guinness on the stouffer<br>

To talk a little shit, then get a little closer<br>

Like, what up boo, you know that Ghost loves you<br>

I get butterflies when we hug and kiss, do you?<br>

Huh? Answer me, let me if it's the truth now<br>

That pretty mole above your lips looking cute now<br>

Ooh child, I'm patient, my mind's telling me<br>

To stay calm, I wanna get it off like a G bomb<br>

On top of your skin, I'm sliding it in<br>

When I'm done, you can wake it up and ride it again<br>

Then we can hold on through the night, fan on and covers on<br>

It's bright from the TV light, peace, good night<br>


<i>[Tre Williams]</i><br>

Looking out my window, sun shining bright<br>

Birds are singing, trying to make things right<br>

Now I got music, oh, on my radio<br>

And I can hear love songs playing, behind closed doors<br>

Now I don't want no one, on the catch me side<br>

But ever since you left, said goodbye<br>


<i>[Chorus: Tre Williams]</i><br>

I wish you were here with me<br>

I said I wish you were here with me<br>

I wish you were here, with me<br>


<i>[Tre Williams]</i><br>

And thinking bout your kiss, gloom all around me<br>

Seen our love, is never gonna find me<br>

And I keep looking, oh, for that brighter day<br>

When all I see is, time slipping away<br>

Oh and I got to talk, to keep myself together<br>

But all I see is stormy weather<br>




<i>[Tre Williams]</i><br>

Now I got to get, get myself together<br>

Cuz I can't take no more, of this stormy weather<br>

Now I wish you were here with me<br>

I wish you were right here<br>

I wish you were here with me, ooh<br>




<i>[Tre Williams]</i><br>

Night falls and I call for you, love<br>

But there's no one here to answer<br>

No, no, no, oh<br>

The wind blows and I turn to catch ya<br>

But there's no one there but my reflection<br>

No, oh I said I wish you was here with me<br>



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