Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Hatin' Don't Pay

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(feat. Bapteest, C.C.F., P.C)

[Intro: P.C. (ShaCronz)]

Yeah, heh.. mothafucka!

Yeah, big C, big dog

(Don't hate on us, we gon' get you

Big waiters, spectators)

[Chorus: Bapteest]

Hatin' Don't Pay, no way, no way

Hatin' Don't Pay.. no way, no way

Hatin' Don't Pay, no way, no way

Hatin' Don't Pay.. no way, no way


Beyond a, Reasonable Doubt

I'm gangsta, won't hesitate to put the heat to ya mouth

Peep me out, tie up ya chick for them ki's in ya couch

We get money, go outta town, hustle for weeks than be out

Rapid flows are dramatic, I'm here to let y'all bastards know

My heart's colder than Alaskan snow, I could rip beats fast or slow

When I let the ratchets go, come out ya face get what you askin fo'

I make haters run like relays through the P.J.'s, homey

It's B.K, C.K., D-Day, homey

Keep metal, never settle for a le-way, homey

Still keep it ghetto 'til we pay, homey

Calm ya tone when we speakin' 'less you deep and got 'matics

From the home of the Nike Air's and Reebok Classics

Pack more guns, my Desert E's drop faggots

And fuckin' with the wrong bodies, ya seats popped, bastard



Yo, yo

You 'spond, submission, watch, mission to stop me

Won't be defeated cuz they broke and they bitches is sloppy

They got me hot so I'm makin' niggaz laugh, haha, seventeen dot

Every single time my gat is cocked

Y'all picked the wrong time to fuck with P dot C period

Just when you thought I was playin', I'm anout to get serious

Plus I'm furious and heated now, drunk and weeded now

Mothafuckas don't learn, suburbans leave 'em beaten now

O's to you ho's, leave 'em visions disposed

Like a tag can be placed on they toes - sippin' Hater-ade

Get some gators made, hustle, bought a trade

Cop a couple of locks before you get to speakin' on ya flock

Why you mad at me? Cuz I got a featurin' spot?

I guess you'd rather see me shot or somewhere strung out on rocks

Cuz I keep my mind on my grind 'til I reach the top

Go on and plot, ya haters'll never make me stop

Hatin' Don't Pay..



Yeah, yeah, yo

Niggaz try to hate me like, I roll all crazy and

Let the three-eighty blow, Free got crazy dough

Frontin' for ya ho's, run through that lady coke

Music got you amped, now you leanin' on that radio

Niggaz and bitches, soon to become ho's

Black suit in a casket soon'll become yo's

My Mac shoot these bastards who want war

That's what my gun for, nigga fuck the gun law

I'm the reason they act like that

They'll make Free react like that

Find the gat on ya hat like that

Media'll wonder why I rap like that

Even behind the booth I'm strapped on a track like that

Brooklyn, nigga, throw shells 'round ya head

Wake up, shells surround ya bed

Hit ya with the pound instead

Y'all don't want me to do this

Hatin' Don't Pay, now Jake found you dead



[Outro: Freemurder]

Yo it's Freemurder, ShaCronz, P dot C period

Don't hate us, don't hate the game

Cuz the game don't hate you

The game don't even know you

You got to know the game

And remember, only the players change

The game stays the same.

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