Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Harbor Masters

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. AZ)</B></FONT><BR><BR>

<i>[Ghostface Killah]</i><br>

Yo, hold on, this is the way that I'm cut, right?<br>

Or why I sing, how I dipped under red lights<br>

Martini's is Ghost Deini's, stretched out<br>

On stage with the gauge, flash the tech like Clint East'<br>

Polo drawers, valour headband, Genova convertible couch<br>

In the back, with the two nightstands<br>

I'm the man, nigga, when I come through, dressing rooms<br>

Had the goose ready, renting cream and a bag of shrooms<br>

And a nice suite, room service every five minutes, I need a foot massage<br>

Tell the massause, she can't do it for me, do it for God<br>

I got the mix CD on pause with all DeBarge<br>

Oil me up, please, my nuts, read me a story<br>

Tuck me in, something like the seeds'll say<br>

Pass me the cold fresh squeezed OJ, I got five hundred<br>

Under my pillow, after I'm done, do my DJ<br>


<i>[Chorus 2X: Ghostface Killah]</i><br>

Cause of that, I'mma rock the show tonight<br>

The Twat Team, gon' get those hoes tonight<br>

That's Theodore shit, if you in your whip<br>

Two step, you slipped, get your whole crew wet<br>



Stand like the Eiffel, move spiteful<br>

Sport the Nike shoe, nice with the mic since high school<br>

Fuck who like who, fend to not, niggas, trifeful<br>

Plot cycles, to get dough, it's so delightful<br>

Criminal IQ's, spiral convo's with the sky view<br>

This is what I do, pioneer, my peeps Power Rule<br>

Fuck Yacub, I'm factual, true and living<br>

Polo polobos with the true religion, no superstition<br>

This beat is sorta proof to listen, and hear the real<br>

So you New Jack niggas kneel, sit it still<br>

Lick a fifth, get your piff and chill, fix your grill<br>

It's ill, seen the game vanish in air<br>

From DeLores to the glamourest gear, show and prove<br>

How I move, you know hammers is near, never fool<br>

Appear rude, though my manners is there, get it straight<br>

Say my grace, before stuffing my face<br>


<i>[Chorus 2X: AZ]</i><br>

Cause of that, I'mma rock this show tonight<br>

Hustle hard, I'mma get that dough tonight<br>

Crime Money, all we do is just two step<br>

Slip up, and get your whole fucking crew wet<br>


<i>[Inspectah Deck]</i><br>

Fuck the radio, the corners respect, Soldier I<br>

I'mma about to get fly, like I'm boarding a jet<br>

Watch your mouth, little homey, I demolish your rep<br>

I'm like Mohamed Atta, when I'm bombing the set<br>

Bottom line, you got a problem with Deck, I'm like the police gun, son<br>

A nigga name pop in the 'jects<br>

Hate in your blood, green eyes, watching my step<br>

I'm all money like the Pres, no stopping the rest<br>

This is Stones and grown man poking his chest<br>

Play hero watch the K blow a hole in your vest<br>

Why I flow like I know I'm the best, cuz I'm spitting the piff<br>

Half of ya'll dudes rollin' with stress<br>

Come and see me, son, you know the address<br>

10304 block work, first homey, show me the checks<br>

Hood crooks living over the edge, Ghost saying nah<br>

That's a good look, focus, respect, yup<br>


<i>[Chorus 2X: Inspectah Deck]</i><br>

Cause of that, I'mma rock this tonight<br>

Light your weed, pop ya ects', let's go tonight<br>

House Gang on the dance floor, two step<br>

You out of line, get your lame ass crew wet<br>



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