Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Get Them Out Ya Way Pa

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If you got it, light it up

Ain't no shook in 'em, Pyrex pots is hot, fiends is cooking 'em

Little niggaz hugging the block, cops is booking 'em

Women hugging they purse when they spot the crook in 'em

Back when little J got shot, pops was whooping 'em

Little noses dripping with snot, ock, now look at 'em

The ghetto got a hook in 'em now, drugs, stay pushing 'em

Used to throwing dirt in these blunts, now, it's kush in 'em

Used to tell these chicks to shut up, now, he's shooshing 'em

Get cash, get that ass, or put a foot in 'em

Iron Flag, flag that cab, Bedford and Put-e-nam

There ain't no puss in 'em, dick, dildo, or gush in 'em

Niggaz still got that juks in 'em

If he front then we stomp 'em out (Get 'em out ya way pa)

If he drunk and he run his mouth (Get 'em out ya way pa)

If he front then we stomp 'em out (Get 'em out ya way pa)

(Get 'em out ya way pa, move, move, move)

I'm seduced by the chrome, it's a ruthless poem

It took a little time to get his juices going

Producers know him, as the kid with the Iron Palm

Righteous hammer, examine the firearm

Approach or get fired on, permanent chest scar

Empire Strikes Back, check out the Death Star

Bless y'all, wet y'all, do the impossible

Where I'm from, we use dum-dums in the arsenal

Highly sparkable, get stretched off the knuckle check

Known to scuffle, I take it to the upper deck

Universal conquest, kung fu, buckle vets

In a dufflebag, max yo, a couple techs

Give 'em ear hustle, Wu brand, we programmed

Next time we dance, it won't be a slow jam

I fear no man, son, you get lynched up

Nigga bitch, get Frankenstein stitched up

Yeah, voice skipping off percussion

Give it to 'em how they love it, slow flow, deadly, beloved

All praise, the daunting, calm yet

So alarming, without a word being spoken

A thought with no voice, just a nod and a look

The contract was took, straight cash, off the books

A major pawn took a Don, look, he's armed

With a few black rooks from the heart of the Crook

Shook ones look while they hung him on Hercules hooks

They found his body near a shallow brook, escaped on foot

Switched the look up, out of state, he got the hook up

The flipped cake, thought lighter than the feather

Yet heavier than weight, when my mindstate starts to break, take cover

Over RZA instrumental, I'm damn near invincible, it's simple

Tell me, what are they like?

They got holes in the top, five round holes

While I was watching, this stranger, hit them

But his fingers went right through the bone

So then, they've... mastered it

It's some style of kung fu, you know it?

The Skeleton Claw

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