Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Fatal Sting

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<i>[Verse 1:]</i>

In the battle fields mics collide like sword fights

Get stabbed up by the swift technique of a Black Knight

Who pierce strikes like vicious snakes, rhymes elevate

Niggaz get sniped watch me annihilate

The Gods got me eating off a fine dinner plates

With this rap shit told me don't procrastinate

West Coast lyricist, Killa Bee clique we swarm thick

Spit the written like scripts

No but fully loaded throw darts and make it hit, the target

Pardon, me as I keep on starting, mo' shit

Feel the wrath with these raw hits from Math

You don't stand a chance, you can't top it we too advance

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

Sharp shooter with the greatest accuracy

Blast it rapidly, If those attacking me are after me

You never capture me, it's sad to see niggaz testing me

You meet your destiny can't get next to me

The best of me you know the recipe

The cut-throat making blood soak from the gun-smoke

Have you gasping for oxygen

Then pops you with the glocks again

Drop 'em in with the street life, the street type

We snipe, artificial niggaz under street lights

Street fights transform into wars with firearms

Bullets storm niggaz start to swarm like rise on

Dying on the same blocks when they exchange rocks

And hand cops flamed rocks

Year after year up in the same spot

Total madness synergy in city streets

Battle many fleets as they walk by the gates of the darkside

Black Knights

Yo,yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

<i>[Verse 3:]</i>

The microphone magnificent

Burning hot like syphilis

Hit your dish drink from distances

Bombin' leave no witnesses

The street division kid from the,

Home of the wasteland

Styles bionic, sounds blow holes through your basement

Face it for the Black Knights there's no replacement

You're basic, kid put this in your mouth so you can taste it

These ancient rhymes are lethal

When manifested bring wrath of bloody vengeance

to suckers that second guessed it

Confess it I got the type flows that'll make you stagger

Came out my mother's womb with a blunt and bloody dagger

From day one I knew that I'll be on some ol' lye shit

Do or die shit, ready to ride slug slide shit

<i>[Verse 4:]</i>

The audity prodigy,

The cosmos commodity, knowledge guides equality

A whiff while I myth and a sniff off a E&J fifth

and a spliff, the proton neutron,

Sally with the crouton dipping in the Yucon,

Supernova yoga, dosia, ambrosia crane and cobra

The yolk for help and the stealth with the knowledge of self

like no one else, the code of yoba

From the noble none of my niggaz local

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