Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Dashing (Reasons)

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[Intro: Inspectah Deck]

The nigga had a pair of Air Olden Polynice's on

Oh shit, the nigga had a pair of Air Christen Slaters

Rebel I, slay the max, it's really Digital

Rockin' the latest in, every day comin' at niggaz

Rockin' the latest in Ben Stillaways

Fuck that, the next big thing, lay this as Hollywood niggaz

Now that's a money thing

Yo yo

[Hook: Inspectah Deck - singing]

I was +Dashing+ through the hood

Eighteens with the whip, smoke gray

Leavin' skid marks on five-oh, smokin' all the way


With my all-star team, bitches see our shine

Yo son we gotta make that +CREAM+ whether raps or Nixon times

[Inspectah Deck]

They call me Rollie, watch me polly with the wide body Dinali

Packed the bad hottie, rocked enough ice to play hockey

I swarm like paparazzi, she popped a wheelie on the candy apple Kawasaki

Everything is sloppy, philosophical for those who copy

I'll probably splash her tonight, don't block

Sippin' on Lime Bacardi got me toxy

Plus the Cali 'dro holdin' me, I'm 'bout to 'scape like the Roxy

Ever property, Monopoly, big shotti

Snatch the +CREAM+, whether in the concert hall or in the lobby

Used to be a hobby, got me duckin' Rudy Giulianni

like I'm still coppin' big eights from papi

Follow me, whether Mardi Gras' or house party

It's wild like safari, ain't mean to catch the body

But had 'em wobbly off the first blow, tryin' to knock me

I'm known to pump ya blood like the theme song to Rocky

Kamikaze, might karate chop ya head like a natty dread

then call myself Collar Ratsi

Professionally trained, I am for your artery

I give the autographs but charge for photography

Not hardly kid, you awkward Godbody

You'se a carbon copy, just started to rock Wallys

Spark the brocolli, spaz off this ghetto opery

Or catch the hot seat, you're bawty boy without ya posse


[Chorus x4: Inspectah Deck]

Come, come, come

One for the dough, son

Give me the reasons


They couldn't get me, watch me move swiftly

Broke the unmarked fifty with this cabby who was a gypsy

He stayed tipsy, said he loved his bills crispy

Drivin' the streets he kept heat on the night, shifty

Quickly, who ring bells like it's twelve on Sunday?

While the stage catch shells from forceful gunplay

Mere fact that the track was a fierce counterattack

All those who couldn't multiply were sent back

No tanks, low rank, soldiers hittin' the heart

Tainted the heart of an empire, was torn apart

Brought to a halt from a front full assault

The chemist left the lab with undetermined results

They saw the swordsman sift electrical volts

The audience threw nuts with loose screws and bolts

The archives automatically changed ya stiff vibes

It was layin' in the zip drive from chest five

[Chorus x4]

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