Wu-tang Clan

Wu-tang Clan - Black Shampoo

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Hard days of work

You had a hard day at work baby

I want you to sit down, relax

While I soak you in my mentals

Backrub style, watch this, yo, yo

Massage, peppermint oil, shampoo and pears

Cinnamin, aloe, natural for you hair

So lather the soap, coconut conditioning

Honey lather, blood flowing, love glistening

Motion lotion, breeze, over the ocean

Lovers, bath crystals, lovers bun scrubbers

Hot milk bath, steam shower rubbing

These will splash long loving in your oven

Make it off, break it off, till it gets soft

Passion fruit, pussy cat, want to touch it off

In and out, rapers patients, Hershey's Kisses get a style

Stress reliever soak your feet, air them out

Brain message, think about pink

Stress relieving, no dishes in the sink

Upper lower, left, right, neck don't play

Back rub, count on, take me away

Waterfall beads, streams, plush and lavish

Come with me through all the damn madness

Night breeze at sea, sipping tea

You and your queen melodies, and trees, 85 degrees

Jet skis breeze

Scraping water on chocolate, butter scotch flowers

Vapor action, tropical sunshower

Baby powder, relax, feel for an hour

Sand suntan, snuggled up snug

Snowey days, fireplace, oriental rug

Thugs, lay on the couch, pull it out, perfect balance

Chemical stimuli, two tokes off the chalace

Complete silence, what surround us

Whats the finest, wrapped in cold sheets

Vanilla apple heat, loop played jazz music, coffee pillow sleeps

Breakfast in bed, early morning sun treats

Sunset level, suprise sunrises, hell

Lay on the couch, while I clip your toenails

Dreams of peaches and cream steam secret spells

Soft spoken gospel, Barry White acapell

Violin, good medicine, sound swell

Sunshine like, the right, without the hell

Taste sugar, wise storm steam stick

Slowdance drink, like nights over Egypt

Having, stabbing, calm chilling now we rolling

Company, ice cream licking now we holding

Gentle force, warm tingle of the golden

Open loose, ice cubes, kiss your belly

Alcohol, palm trees, peanut butter jelly

Almond twirl, fantastic melodies

Soon, taste these spoons

Wiping me with toon, fly wine, prize storm

Now it's high noon, rasberry spices

Cherry breath, drink from the mountain, sip the very best

Sounds of the shore, every winter is a war

Paradise life, recipe now pour

Musicness, model, gentle mental

Wash away your sorrow, fantasy Allah

Put the message in the bottle

Carry you through, the threshold, do my duty

Happy ending, go to rest Sleeping Beauty

Yo, this is that body shop shit

Love love slam

Edible underwear, champagne, bubble bath

Have your snack on that ass that

Know what I mean?

Massaging these melodies

Put that gangsta shit on the shelf

Blow winds, blow, through your hair

Sea breeze sticks and shit

Right right

<i>[Method Man]</i>

When your around boo

Come and chop this mother fucking beat you stank ass trick

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