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Wu-tang Clan - America

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<i>[Intro: Killah Priest, Raekwon]</i>


"Yeah, youknowhatI'msayin?"


"Aiyyo aiyyo, come on yo yo yo I'ma shoot over here"

"On that AIDS thing"

"YouknowhatI'msayin? I'm gonna just slide in the studio quick"

"Yo, yo"

"And get this done"

<i>[Verse One: Killah Priest]</i>

When you're sexually frustrated, plus waiting for a long time

You both had strong minds

Combined with feelings, she seems appealing

for each other, discreet lover, no longer keeps brothers

Smothered under deep covers

Erotic programs, Moet and slow jams

Enough to make you hold hands

And plus you a bold man

You fall in a manhole, where the forbidden tree grow

And bullshit ego, of fly negro

Whole garden sour, polluted with a dead flower

Months later, he's layin on a respirator

Depending on a generator, to keep his heart moving

And start losing sight in his right eye

In weeks he might die

<i>[Verse Two: Raekwon]</i>

Yeah, uh-huh

I know this dope-fiend cat, word up, his name is Javier

Part-time shooter sharing needles in the stairs

Wise guys disguised as a fly guy

you gettin high right? Weeded up with red shit in your right eye

Youse a menace, your brain cells finished

Begging forgiveness, calling that up top shit syphillis

You know what you was gettin into

Try to guess on what I've been through

Fuck shorty raw then she scared you

<i>[Chorus: Raekwon]</i>

AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo

Coming from the Wu, it's real

AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo

Coming from my crew, it's real

<i>[Verse Three: RZA]</i>

My nigga Chuck, he loved to fuck

Everything exotic bitches down to ugly ducks

Like Nancy, who liked the fancy tickles

so he put popsicles on her nipples to make her sex passion

triple quadriple, until she bust

Overcome with passion, big ass want lust upon him

But nigga he forsake to grab the condom

Fuck it, he said AIDS, was government made

to keep niggaz afraid so they won't get laid no babies be made

And the black population will decrease within a decade

German warfare product against the dark shade


AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo

Coming from my crew, it's real

AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo

Coming from the Wu, it's real

<i>[Verse Four: Master Killer, Inspector Deck]</i>

Caught by the gravitation earth rotation

Six in the sex is deep, when you can't see clear

through the sheer brassiere, toke back

Smoking a spliff, sippin cognac, God

you know my two love songs, Bobby Womack tracks

Got her fat ass layin flat on her back

Yo, as she lay, she wore a silk gray neglige

Alehze pours, the radio play, Marvin Gaye

What's Going On? As she screams Sexual Healing

Couldn't fight the feeling her legs hit the ceiling

Hittin all positions dipped in for quick love

She's professional she does this shit in strip clubs

Flied in June until she Acquired Immune Deficiency

Now misery is the Syndrome

<i>[Outro: Raekwon and others]</i>

Oh shit, God that's wild

Damn, that's some cherry flavor shit going on though kid

For real, knowhatI'msayin?

What about the exotic type

Caskets is waitin for brothers

Word up slide on the joints baby

Before you go to sex take protection

Word up

AIDS kills, word up respect this

America Is Dying Slowly (4x)

Yeah, word yo, sliding up in this store right here

I ain't even playing that man, for real

Dig it

Respect how I'm living kid

Here forever, word up

Lubricated joints, ribbed joints is bangin

But they still playing the hotel door man

Word, you know how that be though, you know how that be

Yo, just gettin to be too old

Chick over there lookin like Sonny and Cher

Over there


America Is Dying Slowly


America Is Dying Slowly

America Is Dying Slowly

remember that! Syndrome, be the resident

America Is Dying Slowly

Wu-Tang, Syndrome, be the resident

Noodles, Bobby Steels, Lou Diamonds, Killer Priest

Rolly Rollie Fingers, Johnathan Blaze, Maximillion

Prodigal Sons, Anthony Starks, Hellrazor

Prodigal Son, and in the place, Sixty Second

Sunz of Man, Gambinos, forever...

Keep it safe!

Ol Dirt Schultz, word up baby

Protect yourself!

Keep it safe

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