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(feat. Big Pokey, Chris Ward)

[Chris Ward:] We normally don't make club songs

but tonite we came to make ya'll uhhh.....

[Chorus x2]

Body rock playa wit ya 2-wayz on

I'ma ol' school nigga wit the new J'z on

All dat animousity I got my game face on

And if your still standing in line your waitin too long

[Verse 1: Chris Ward]

U need to get in where you fit in, slide in the mix

Poke & Moe is in the 'Gator, I'm guidin' the 6

Hi-sidin' the trick on stage it'z still great love

Jumped out in the lot me & my nigga K-Love

10 candy cars behind all drops no tops

Half of 'em got chops the other half got hopz

Every body watchin' us like they workin wit the copz

Cuz when we rise to the occasion you know the party neva stopz so just (uhh)

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Big Pokey]

I'm the ol' school nigga wit the new J'z on

My 2-way fliez 2-wayin the phone

It'z to in the mornin' I'm on to & it'z on

Body rockin' by the bar like I'm losin my dome

Wanna take sumthin home bowlegged & sleep wit it

Dyme-piece or better I ain't scared to creep wit it

Star hoe, bad house & car hoe

When she walk her azz jump like a drop in the car show

M-O-B up in the place snug on my waist

Don't catch a slug in the face, everybody in the place

Bout to tear the club up

Wodie in the parkin' lot bout to tear the dubz up

I think bout in stalckin watchin me & Ke' talkin'

On the dance flo' body rockin' & C-walkin'

Mob Style dat'z the code

22'' Sprewell rimz after hold

I use ta rock gold now I'm rockin dis plat'

Blowin Northen Light smoke out the top of the 'Lac

Wit the roof pushed back Tv'z fallin'

Gotta caterak problem if you can't see we ballin'

See we be crawlin' everyday of the week

When diz jam come on get up outta ya seat & bounce (uh uh uh uh)

Bounce (uh uh) Bounce Bounce (uh)

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Chris Ward]

We valet, no way I just park at the front

Let 'em stare at the wrist wear while I spark up my blunt

Electro-techno gadgetz wit the J'z to match

Ice jeans make history cuz my 2 way is attached

4 beef we got heat a few K'z & Mack'z

Dat'll make hataz start snitchin a few K'z & hatz

See it'z us dat raise the stats & change the game

Tha rulez, playbookz & the playaz namez now say it maan!!


While I'm in a big body rockin on dubz

If ya still wonderin how come they watchin' diz thug

Like a button down collar shirt I'm POP-ular cuz

We M-O-B'z (so) ain't no stoppin the buzz

When I wuz dropped at no stoppin wit us

U at the bar (Get drunk)

U in ya car (Get krunk)

Whuteva it is do it when you hear us spit funk and.....

[Chorus x2]

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